Westlake Police: Phantom Criminals

POLICE_Westlake_DisclaimerSomebody filed an online mail forwarding order with the US Postal Service to have a Creekside Dr. man’s mail sent to a NJ address. He reported the matter to WPD and the Postal Inspection Service on May 6 after no mail was delivered for several days.

IL grocery and home improvement store chains issued credit cards in the name of a Sperry’s Forge Trl. man. $9000 worth of purchases were made before he found out about the ID theft and reported it on May 8.

On May 8, a Center Ridge Rd. business owner reported being victimized again by the phantom phoner, who ran up $13,000 worth of overseas long distance charges to Cuba and Tunisia on March 19 and 20. It is unknown how the calls were put through, as the company is closed on weekends; the victim has placed a block put on international dialing from his firm.

An 81yoa Westlake Vlg Dr. man was scammed out of $768 for phony computer repairs. A foreign-sounding caller had him send a check to a NV address; no repairs were made to the computer, which appeared to be operating correctly anyway. He reported the theft on May 10.

Bad Behavior: Robbery

A 20yoa Cleveland man doing the 100 yard dash through a Detroit Rd. parking lot drew the attention of a passing patrolman on May 10. He had just dumped $135 worth of items stolen from a store and was being chased by an employee. The fleet of foot suspect escaped for the time being; a Petty Theft warrant was obtained for him.

The homeowner’s alarm company alerted WPD to a break-in at an Orchard Way residence on May 6. The front door had been kicked in and cash, a .38cal revolver, and jewelry were taken. A thin Asian male wearing a blue backpack was seen in the area shortly before the burglary.

A Detroit Rd. woman’s car had items taken from it on the night of May 7. 2 purses, a tablet, car title, spare ignition key, baby seat, and clothing were removed from her 2015 Kia Optima; there were no signs of forced entry. A neighbor’s car was rummaged through; nothing was stolen.

2 purses worth a total of $400 were stolen from a Center Ridge Rd. business on May 8. The suspects used a black Mercedes Benz to get away. The driver was a black male; the booster was a heavyset 5’3” black female 30-40yoa, with short hair wearing a white shirt and denim shorts.

A Parma man’s $800 cellphone was taken from a First St. business on May 8. The owner set it down and forgot about it; it was gone when he went back.

A Westlake woman’s unlocked 2016 Kia Sportage had a GPS, tablet, and parking pass (total loss $325) taken from it on the night of May 8 while it was parked at a Detroit Rd. residence.

$6660 worth of fiber optic cable and associated equipment were reported stolen from an American Way jobsite on May 9.

Private Drink

A 32yoa Bay Village man importuned customers of two gas stations on Clemens Rd. for beer money on May 11 and 12, then retired to a nearby woods to enjoy his libations. That property owner did not care for the latter action (and the associated discarded beer cans) and called WPD. The guzzler was arrested for DCI and warned to stay off the property.

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