Westlake Pickpocket Racks Up $9300 in Credit Card Bills


A pickpocket took a female diner’s wallet out of her purse at a Crocker Park Blvd. restaurant, kept the cash and credit cards, and then put the wallet back on May 27, report Westlake Police. $9300 in charges were run up shortly thereafter at a location in Avon and at locales. Another female was victimized in the same way on the same day at a Detroit Rd. restaurant; $1900 in illicit purchases were made with her credit cards. A $3000 cash advance was declined.POLICE_Westlake_Disclaimer

Shoe Salesman

An 11 year old Westlake boy was caught taking 3 pair of shoes (total value $92) from a Detroit Rd. store on May 28. He was arrested for Petty Theft and released to his folks. He admitted that he resells the shoes to his peers.

Blame it on Her Dead Boyfriend’s Mother

No, it isn’t a Country Song. “Blame it on My Dead Boyfriend’s Mother” is the excuse a Texas woman gave police whne arrested for Receiving Stolen Property on May 27. She was driving a stolen 2015 Dodge Dart on I-90 when she was stopped. The car supposedly belongs to her dead boyfriend’s mother, whom the suspect is making car payments to. It was reported stolen in Houston.

Funny Money


A 19yoa Avon Lake man tried to pass a counterfeit $50 bill at a Detroit Rd. gas station on May 25. The eagle-eyed clerk refused it and obtained his license plate number. When contacted by officers, he claimed to have received it as (choose one only) a birthday gift from a friend or from the friend’s grandma or someone planted it in his room. When asked where the bill was, he claimed to have (choose one only) thrown it away or the clerk kept it or (final answer) he still had it. He surrendered it to WPD.

Lover’s Spat

A passerby was concerned about a male-female altercation on Columbia Rd. on June 2; he requested WPD to check the woman’s welfare. The 42yoa woman and her live-in 37yoa boyfriend had argued over the woman’s old flame; the woman had scratches and bruises. The male was arrested for DV.

Tell the World

An intoxicated 32yoa Lakewood man was ditched by his date on May 29 when she would not let him in her King James Pkwy. residence. He started to buzz the other residents’ intercoms, then yelled and carried on while being arrested for DCI.

Boy Pulls Knife on Mom

A 17yoa Westlake boy argued with his mom on May 30, then took a knife out of the kitchen drawer “to get her attention” and to “help you get the police here”. . It got WPD’s attention all right; he was arrested for DV and taken to the DH.


A 57yoa Westlake man caused 2 crashes involving 3 other vehicles on Detroit Rd. between Bradley Rd. and Cedarwood Dr. on May 30. He was arrested for OVI, Hitskip x2, and Failure to Control.  He refused to submit a breath sample.JOSEPH BURKE  jpg


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