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‘High Noon’ in Westlake as Driver Dares Another to Draw

POLICE_Westlake_DisclaimerIt was ‘High Noon’ in Westlake two weeks ago when, at 12:01 p.m. on May 24th a showdown between two concealed-weapon permit holders led to the arrest of 67 year-old William KEENER of Westlake near the Crocker Road and Detroit Road intersection of Westlake.

But, unlike the Gary Cooper classic film of old, this modern-day reenactment was simply filled with bad actors.

The scenario unfolded when KEENER pulled up alongside a vehicle occupied by a 64 year old Westlake female driver and her 71 year old husband-passenger.

Words were exchanged (They were not the lyrics to “Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling”), and KEENER deliberately crashed his vehicle into the couple’s several times, say police.

Both then pulled over on Detroit Rd, east of Crocker Rd. KEENER exited his vehicle and approached the other one in an agitated manner while threatening to kill the occupants; the male passenger then picked up his holstered weapon and announced that he had a concealed carry permit.

KEENER then announced that he too had a concealed carry permit and reached for a .45 cal Kimber semiautomatic pistol he had in his waistband; he then dared the other man to draw.

Five Westlake Police officers responded before any gunfire or further physical violence occurred and separated the two men.

A second .45cal Kimber semiautomatic pistol was found in the passenger compartment of KEENER’s vehicle. Both weapons were taken as evidence.

KEENER was arrested for Felonious Assault x2, Agg. Menacing x 2, Possession of Criminal Tools x2, Criminal Damaging, and Criminal Mischief. His bond has been set at $5000 and a protection order issued to keep him away from the victims. His next court date was set for June 4 in the Rocky River Municipal Court.

Joseph Burke Law_WEB4Pickpocket Racks Up $9300 in Credit Card Bills

A pickpocket took a female diner’s wallet out of her purse at a Crocker Park Blvd. restaurant, kept the cash and credit cards, and then put the wallet back on May 27, report Westlake Police. $9300 in charges were run up shortly thereafter at a location in Avon and at locales. Another female was victimized in the same way on the same day at a Detroit Rd. restaurant; $1900 in illicit purchases were made with her credit cards. A $3000 cash advance was declined.

Shoe Salesman

An 11 year old Westlake boy was caught taking 3 pair of shoes (total value $92) from a Detroit Rd. store on May 28. He was arrested for Petty Theft and released to his folks. He admitted that he resells the shoes to his peers.

Blame it on Her Dead Boyfriend’s Mother

No, it isn’t a Country Song. “Blame it on My Dead Boyfriend’s Mother” is the excuse a Texas woman gave police whne arrested for Receiving Stolen Property on May 27. She was driving a stolen 2015 Dodge Dart on I-90 when she was stopped. The car supposedly belongs to her dead boyfriend’s mother, whom the suspect is making car payments to. It was reported stolen in Houston.

Funny Money

A 19yoa Avon Lake man tried to pass a counterfeit $50 bill at a Detroit Rd. gas station on May 25. The eagle-eyed clerk refused it and obtained his license plate number. When contacted by officers, he claimed to have received it as (choose one only) a birthday gift from a friend or from the friend’s grandma or someone planted it in his room. When asked where the bill was, he claimed to have (choose one only) thrown it away or the clerk kept it or (final answer) he still had it. He surrendered it to WPD.

More funny money surfaced twice at local restaurants. A Detroit Rd. beanery received a counterfeit $20 on May 20; a phony $10 and $20 were found by the bank in deposits from there earlier in the week. A Crocker Pk. Bl. hash house received a bogus $20 on May 22; it had the same serial number as the earlier bill.

Lover’s Spat

A passerby was concerned about a male-female altercation on Columbia Rd. on June 2; he requested WPD to check the woman’s welfare. The 42yoa woman and her live-in 37yoa boyfriend had argued over the woman’s old flame; the woman had scratches and bruises. The male was arrested for DV.

Boy Pulls Knife on Mom

A 17yoa Westlake boy argued with his mom on May 30, then took a knife out of the kitchen drawer “to get her attention” and to “help you get the police here.” It got WPD’s attention all right; he was arrested for DV and taken to the DH.


A 57yoa Westlake man caused 2 crashes involving 3 other vehicles on Detroit Rd. between Bradley Rd. and Cedarwood Dr. on May 30. He was arrested for OVI, Hitskip x2, and Failure to Control. He refused to submit a breath sample.

Drunk Out

Two men (26yoa from Strongsville and 30yoa from Bay Village) pounded on the door of a closed Dover Center Rd. cafe on May 20, alarming the cleaner. CCTV later showed them mooning a passerby and falling down; both had been drinking and denied going up to the door. The City Pros. will rule on potential Criminal Mischief, Trespass, and other charges.


A 16yoa Lakewood boy threatened staff members at a Crocker Rd. school on May 20. He was arrested for Menacing and was released to his mother. He also faces possible expulsion.

Miscellaneous Mayhem

A Center Ridge Rd. firm mailed a paycheck to the wrong residence in Cleveland. A female suspect from that house deposited it into her account; she faces potential forgery charges.

An 18yoa Westlake man TP’ed a house on Stonegate Cr. just as a patrolman drove by. He was arrested for Trespass and Criminal Mischief.

A 26yoa Cedarwood Dr. man got liquored up and passed out in the vestibule of his building. A female neighbor was unable to enter due to his supine posture and called WPD. He was arrested for DCI.

A male was reported looking in the windows of a Stonehedge Dr. house on May 22. The 34yoa suspect lives in NV and was staying nearby with his mom. He was arrested for Trespass.

Tools and building materials were stolen from a house under construction on First St. Two unskilled masons hired from an Internet website are suspects in the May 22 incident. They were fired.

Tools were also reported missing from a West Essig jobsite on May 23, although they could have been stolen as early as May 19. An inventory was being compiled.

A bay window on a Beethoven Dr. home was cracked sometime May 21-22. A piece of metal was found on the grounder underneath it.

A May 23 traffic stop on I90 yielded a loaded .380 semiautomatic handgun inside the glove box of a 25yoa Lorain man’s 2000 Nissan Maxima. He was arrested for CCW.

A Center Ridge Rd. woman’s debit card account was used to buy a $105 pair of shoes online on May 23. She closed the account and found out that two more purchases had been declined by her bank.

A purse was taken from a Richmar Dr. woman’s 2015 Toyota Sienna after the passenger front window was broken out. She reported it on May 24, and the purse (sans $30 cash) was found nearby on Georgetown Dr. An unlocked 2004 Chevrolet pickup had a camera and flashlight (total value $285) taken out of it on the night of May 23. It was parked at a Dover Center Rd. home. Nearby, a 2008 Ford van parked at a Dellwood Dr. home had $4600 worth of tools taken out of it. No forced entry was noted.

A 6th grade Dover Elem. School student was waiting for her bus at the Bassett Rd.-Farmington Turn intersection. An older male with white hair driving a gray car pulled up on Farmington and told her that her skirt was too short, then drove off. She reported the matter to school staff.

An 87yoa Hummingbird Cr. man’s identity was used to open up a credit card account; the bills have never been paid. The victim received a call from the issuer on May 24 advising that the account would be sent to a collections agency, prompting a report to WPD. A relative is suspected.

A male used the restroom at a Detroit Rd. business on May 25. The staff thought he might have been using drugs in there and called police. The 43yoa Rocky River man was found down the street in possession of a crack pipe and crack cocaine. He was arrested for Drug Possession and Drug paraphernalia.


2 portable wi-fi devices were stolen from a Clemens Rd. business sometime since Jan. 2016. They are worth a total of $200; they have been used to rack up $16,000 worth of data charges. After they were noted to be missing on May 27, they were shut off.

4 bottles of liquor worth $92 were stolen from a Detroit Rd. store on May 28. An employee got the license plate number of the suspect’s vehicle and IDed the 30yoa Euclid woman owner as the suspect. The store owner will sign a Petty Theft complaint against her.

A $330 pair of sunglasses was stolen from a Crocker Pk. Bl. Store on May 28. A similar theft took place at another store in the same chain the next day, and staff got a FL license plate number. A copy of the vehicle owner’s driver’s license photo was requested from FL officials.

POLICE_Bay Village_DisclaimerTeens Confront Coach at Bay Playground

Bay Village Police were called to the basketball courts near Play in Bay on May 23 at 1911 hours in response to a complaint of unruly players. The players were using obscene language while they were playing, and were eventually asked by a Little League coach to stop swearing because his players could hear them. The basketball players became confrontational and briefly surrounded the coach. Police identified those involved, and the 14 and 15 yoa basketball players were removed from the park.


On 05/25/2016, at 1932 hrs, Westlake PD reported a possible impaired driver northbound on Clague Rd. approaching Bay Village. A BVPD officer stopped the vehicle on Wolf Rd. near Douglas for a traffic violation. After speaking with the female driver, the officer suspected the driver had been drinking. Field sobriety tests were administered, and as a result, the 43 yoa was arrested for OVI. The Bay Village resident will face charges at RRMC.


On 05/23/2016, at 0913 hrs, a Parkside resident contacted BVPD and reported that someone had opened up a Verizon account in his name, and now a collection agency was after him for over $1,000. Police are investigating.

On 05/24/2016, at 1019 hrs, a resident in the 26000 block of Knickerbocker reported that a $4,000 bicycle was stolen from his attached garage. Police are investigating.

Locked Out in Bay

On 06/02/2016, at 2325 hrs, an Aberdeen resident called BVPD to report she heard breaking glass to the rear of her neighbor’s house, and her neighbor was out of town. Responding officers located broken glass to the rear of the house and quickly discovered that the homeowner was on scene. She had arrived home from a trip and discovered she was locked out of her house. Her son broke a window to unlock the door.

Playground Theft

On 05/29/2016, 2016, a resident reported that his 12 yoa son had his Iphone stolen from his gym bag while he was playing basketball at Play-in-Bay. Police are looking into the mater.

Contractor Dispute

On 05/30/2016, at 2024 hrs, BVPD officers were dispatched to the 23000 block of Lake Rd. for a neighbor dispute. Officers located a dispute between a resident and a roofer working at the neighbor’s house. After speaking with the parties involved, it was determined to be a misunderstanding that led to an exchange of words. Both parties were satisfied and the issue was resolved.

Suspicious Vehicle

On 06/01/2016, at 2210 hrs, a Florence St. resident called BVPD to report a suspicious vehicle. An occupied SUV had been parked in front of her house for about 30 minutes. Responding officers located the vehicle and spoke with the female occupant. She had just stopped to talk on her phone. She was advised of the complaint. BVPD reminds resident to please call when they observe suspicious activity.

Bike Theft

On 06/03/2016, at 1503 hrs, a juvenile male called BVPD to report someone had just stolen his bicycle from in front of the China House. A BVPD officer located the thief on Cahoon near West Oviatt riding the bike. The juvenile male was arrested. The Cleveland resident will face theft charges at CCJC.

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