Ex-Boyfriend Terrorizes Westlake Apt. Complex



  Terror struck the hearts of residents at Westown Apartments in Westlake on June 18 at 11:25 p.m. when a 30 year-old Cleveland man broke into his former girl friend’s apartment and assaulted her current boy friend, a 43-year old Parma man.

Westlake Police report that Thomas EADDIE of Cleveland broke into his former girlfriend’s (and mother of his 3 children’s) Westown Blvd. apartment through the hallway door on June 18 at 11:25 p.m. and assaulted her new boyfriend (43 yoa Parma man). The victim declined medical treatment for bruises and abrasions; EADDIE fled the scene. Charges of Agg. Burglary, Fel. Assault, and DV were pending.

On June 20 at 2:49 a.m., EADDIE came back and broke into the apartment again, this time through the patio slider. He was arrested inside the unoccupied apartment and faces additional charges of Burglary and Possession of Criminal Tools. The occupants were staying elsewhere due to fear of EADDIE.

9-11 calls to Westlake Police capture the horror of the scene. “There’s a fight taking place right now,” said one of several callers to police. “There are five possible kidnappings. I am going to hang up because this is anonymous. I am inside my condominium and there is a lot of screaming outside.”

He has been bound over the Grand Jury on $100,000 bond and will be transferred to the County jail.

EADDIE is out on bond for an unrelated April incident in Westlake where he faces drug trafficking and firearms charges. He was also wanted for failure to pay fines on further unrelated January Westlake misd. convictions for Menacing and Carrying Various Weapons.Joseph Burke Law_WEB4


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