Westlake Speeder Pleads ‘Sanctuary!’ Tells Officer He’ll ‘Have His Badge’

A 31-year old resident of Hilliard Oaks Drive in Westlake had quite a night on June 6 when he was stopped for speeding and then threatened to have the patrolman’s “badge on the Mayor’s desk.”

The scenario played out as the man attempted to retreat to his home and claim sanctuary.

When that didn’t work, he used a more direct approach and purported to call the city law director and other government officials in order to have the patrolman’s “Badge on the Mayor’s desk.”

The line must have been busy because the man was cited for Speed and the officer is still employed.

Adding to the drama, the man’s 61-year old father was a passenger and found it prudent to interfere with the stop by waving a plumbing fixture around and also claiming sanctuary for his son, declaring what an important person his son was.

This was no time for consensus-building, so Dad was told to cooperate by the son. The City Prosecutor will consider an Obstructing Official Business against him.Joseph Burke Law_WEB4


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