Championship Connection! UH St. John Medical Center Helps Cavs Win Title

Kyrie Irving shares his joy with the fans at last week’s parade through downtown Cleveland.

Kyrie Irving shares his joy with the fans at last week’s parade through downtown Cleveland.

What role did University Hospitals St. John Medical Center in Westlake play in the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA championship finals win over the Golden State Warriors?

A big role, according to Sports Illustrated magazine.

As everyone knows, the Cavs were propelled to victory by Kyrie Irving’s huge three-point shot late in game to break an 89-89 tie.

But, as Kyrie said after the game, “There would have been no shot if there had been no block.”

The block he was referring to was LeBron James’ superhuman effort when he stopped a two-on-one Warrior fast break and smothered a layup by the Warriors Andre Iguodala against the backboard.

The play stands as a critical turning point in the late stages of the Cavs victory surge. And that is where UH St. John Medical Center comes in.

James was ‘Up to his 45th minute on the floor’ and tired, according to LeBron’s personal trainer Mike Mancias.

“He was fried – by the game, the situation, the millions looking at him,” said Manicias in the SI story by Lee Jenkins. “That play was everything he had left.”

Cavs players hold up the Larry O'Brien Trophy during the parade.

Cavs players hold up the Larry O’Brien Trophy during the parade.

But Mancias, who has “kneaded James’s muscles since their first go-round in Cleveland,” according to Jenkins, was almost not able to make it to the game at all.

“His wife, Heather, was induced at 6 a.m. on Friday (the game was played Sunday) and her labor lasted 26 hours. The moment she heard the first cries of her son, Malcolm Mancias, she turned to her husband in the delivery room at St. John Medical Center. ‘Go to Game 7,’ she said. Mike landed in Oakland at 3 p.m. Sunday, rode straight to the arena and went to work on James.”

“Someday,’ concludes SI, “Little Malcolm will hear the Father’s day story of the Block, which replaces the Drive, the Fumble, the Shot and the Decision in Cleveland lore…..James smashed Iguodala’s layup against the backboard and kept the score tied.”

And to think it all started right here in Westlake at UH St. John Medical Center. It is a story reminiscent of the film Rocky II, when the champ’s pregnant wife wakes up from a coma and says to Sylvester Stallone, “There’s one thing I want you to do for me Rocky,” she says. “Win!”

But the UH St. John Medical Center version is better because it really happened. Yo, Adrianne – we did it!

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