Bay Police Respond to Bay Days Camp Disturbance

On 06/28/2016, at 2215 hrs, Bay Village Police received a call from male who was working at the Bay Days Carnival claiming someone tried to “cut” him.  Responding officers located the male who called.  After investigating, it was determined that the caller was highly intoxicated, and he was the one causing problems in their camp.  He was arguing with people and banging on camper doors creating a disturbance.  There were never any weapons used.  The 33 yoa homeless male was arrested for Disorderly Conduct Intoxication.  He will face charge at RRMC.POLICE_Bay Village_Disclaimer

Car Break-ins: Lock Your Car!

Several car break-ins have been reported by Bay Police this week – it is a reminder to residents to LOCK YOUR CARS and DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES in your cars.

On 06/27/2016, at 0327 hrs, a resident in the 29000 block of Lake Rd. reported his Mercedes was stolen out of his garage within the last 2 hours.  Police are investigating.

On 06/27/2016, at 0549 hrs, a Bay View resident reported that someone had entered his unlocked vehicle overnight and stolen several items.  Police are investigating.  BVPD reminds residents to please remove valuable from your vehicles and lock your doors.  

On 06/27/2016, at 0604 hrs, a Bay View resident reported that someone forced entry into his truck, tore apart his dashboard, and stole his stereo system.  Police are investigating.

On 06/27/2016, at 0909 hrs, a Douglas resident reported that his unlocked vehicle was entered overnight.  A laptop, jewelry, and IPhone were stolen.  Police are investigating.

On 06/27/2016, at 1316 hrs, a Huntmere resident reported that his unlocked vehicle was entered overnight.  His wallet and keys were taken.  Police are investigating.

On 06/29/2016, at 1737 hrs, a resident in the 31000 block of Lake Rd. called BVPD to report a male had just entered her attached garage and attempted to steal a bike.  He was last seen walking westbound on Lake Rd. from her residence.  A BVPD officer located the male just into Avon Lake.  The male admitted to taking the bike, and said he wanted to purchase the bike with a money order.  The 23 yoa New York resident, who was just released from a New York City Jail a few days before, was arrested for Burglary.  He will face charges at Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas.

Search Uncovers Weed

 On 06/27/2016, at 0108 hrs, a BVPD officer was checking on a car parked in the Cahoon Walking Path parking lot after hours.  The operator of the vehicle gave BVPD officers consent to search his vehicle.  During the search officers located marijuana and a glass smoking pipe.  The 19 yoa Westlake resident was cited for Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.  He will face charges at RRMC.

Hit-Skip on Bradley and Wolf

On 06/27/2016, at 1602 hrs, ALPD called BVPD to report their officers were out with the driver and victim of a hit skip accident that occurred in Bay Village at the intersection of Bradley and Wolf.  A BVPD officer was dispatched to Long Pointe to take the report.  After speaking with the at-fault driver, the officer suspected the driver had been drinking.  Field sobriety tests were administered, and as a result, the 67 yoa Avon Lake resident was arrested for OVI.  He will face charges at RRMC.

On 06/28/2016, at 1802 hrs, a resident in the 28000 block of Osborn reported that someone fraudulently used her credit card.  Police are investigating.

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