Bay Senior Citizen Scammed for $3500

A 77-year-old female resident on Eagle Cliff reported to Bay Village Police that  she was a victim of fraud last week.  She had received a phone call from a person claiming to be her grandson. This person said he was in the custody of the Westlake Police, but a lawyer who just happened to be there was willing to represent the grandson and get him out. Unfortunately, the victim then purchased Amazon gift cards totaling $3,500. She then called the “attorney” and gave him the numbers on the cards. A report was taken.POLICE_Bay Village_Disclaimer

Man Beaten in Own Home

On 10/15/2016, at 02:12 hrs, a 52-year-old Glen Park resident came to the station to say that a few minutes ago his 44-year-old brother broke in through the locked bedroom door where the victim was sleeping. The younger brother allegedly  smacked him around and then chased him around the room threatening to“Bash in his skull,” report Police. Officers responded, accompanied by an Avon Lake unit. The aggressor was taken into custody and is currently in the Bay Village jail awaiting appearance before Rocky River Municipal Court for Domestic Violence.

Wanted Man

On 10/11/2016, at 0316 hrs, an officer on routine patrol stopped a vehicle for an expired license plate at Parkside & Wolf. A consent search was conducted. A syringe and needle-less syringe were confiscated. The passenger who gave false identification information was arrested. Turned out he knew he had outstanding warrants from other law enforcement agencies. Later in the day, Ashland County deputies picked up the 22-year-old Lakewood resident.



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