Bay School Levy: Pro and Con

A 5.9 mill levy placed on the Nov. 8 ballot by the Bay Village Board of Education will raise property owner taxes by 7-10 per cent per year.

The 5.9 mill levy is a new, additional tax that will continue into the future.  The Levy appears on the ballot as ISSUE 106.

Here are examples of the tax increase on properties:

-A $212,000 home paying $5907 in taxes currently will see an increase of $438 per year (7.4 per cent).

-A $234,500 home paying $5929 in taxes currently will be an increase of $484 per year (8.3 per cent).

All property owners can run their numbers  through the Bay Schools Levy Calculator and see what the increase will mean to them.

Here is the link to the calculator:

Letters to the Editor

For the Levy


If a hypothetical school district achieved a ranking in the top 6 in Cuyahoga County, top 9 in the NE Ohio region, and top 18 in the entire state of Ohio, all while spending less per pupil than 22 other districts and having their teacher salaries rank 14th out of all 31 districts in the county, one would – hypothetically – consider such a district a rousing success.

I am pleased to write there is great news for the tax paying residents of Bay Village this school year — each of the above measurements are neither hypothetical nor merely a goal. They are the factual achievements of the Bay Village School District and our extraordinary educators, administrators and staff in 2016. In addition, the fiscal management of the district has been seen a level of efficiency unmatched in previous years. The last operating levy for the district was passed in 2010, with the intention of it lasting 4 years. Now, in 2016, a full two additional years of funding were gleaned for the students and residents of Bay Village, by the effective financial decisions of district administrators and school board. In other words, in Bay Village, taxpayers not only get what they’re paying for, they get more! Exceptional test scores, the highest ratings by objective measurements, financial expertise which draws continuing value out of every dollar entrusted to the district, and ultimately, student success which is as consistent as it is pervasive throughout every grade level – THESE are Bay Schools and this is the reason to invest in our children and Continue the Excellence. On November 8th, VOTE YES on Issue 106 for the Bay Schools.

-Tom Harkness & Susan Moran Co – Chairs Citizens for Bay Schools

Against the Levy

Schools teach students to play by the rules, but in school funding the laws and rules are disregarded simply because that is the way it has always been done.

Why, if the constitution states that schools should be paid for by the state, and the current funding system has been ruled unconstitutional and unfair, is most of the funding placed on the backs of property owners? Can’t the schools be funded with a corporate tax, a sales tax or an employment tax and give the property owners some relief?

We have money for stadiums and arenas, why can’t we find equitable funding for schools?

I am interested in protecting the folks on fixed income or work hard to make ends meet.  If Bay Schools have enough money to last until 2019, why have an increase now? The answer I have been given is, ‘If we wait, we will have to go for higher millage.’

The marquee in front of the Board of Education building is the best way to notify citizens when a meeting will take place. The marquee has made no mention of the dates and times of school board meetings.  Could the reasons for so little resistance on the levy be found in how the School Board handles questions that are left unanswered? In my opinion, there is not enough transparency or disclosure from the board about the levy. There have been no real meetings with the citizens of Bay Village so questions about the levy can be addressed. When the citizens do not have a voice or all the information needed to make a decision about a levy that will raise their property taxes forever, then they should vote against the levy until such time as all the important questions are addressed.

-Phil VanDrasik, People Against Property Abuse, Bay Village

Issue 106

Ballot Issue 106 is for a 5.9 mill levy that is a new, additional tax that will continue into the future.  It is not a renewal. It is a renewal levy. It will be a continuing tax increase.

Issue 106: DBAY10 BAY VILLAGE CSD – TAX ID # 1801 Proposed Tax Levy (Additional) Bay Village City School District A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage. An additional tax for the benefit of the Bay Village City School District for the purposes of current expenses at a rate not exceeding 5.9 mills for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to 59 cents for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for a continuing period of time, commencing in 2016, first due in calendar year 2017.