Cyber Awareness Parent Informational Night Rescheduled

A Cyber Awareness informational evening for parents was rescheduled for Wednesday, November 30, 7 p.m. at Westerly Elementary Library Media Center, 30301 Wolf Road, Bay Village.

Please come for an evening presentation of types of social media being used by children from kindergarten through grade 12 for parents co-hosted by Bay Village Schools and Kevin Krolkosky from the Bay Village Police Department. Topics will also include setting parental controls and boundaries, and the impact and consequences internet use is having on today’s youth. The program is free and open to all parents of K-12 students.

Parents attending will learn:

  • How to respond as a Parent and control/provide boundaries for internet usage
  • Current trend on the types of Social media being used
  • About the impact and consequences it is having on youth

When it comes to discussing social media, it’s important that adults and kids speak the same language. What grown-ups think of “cyberbullying” might be explained away by kids as “digital drama.” But it’s not trivial. Digital drama brews in the offline world and simmers online when kids feel emboldened to say or do things that they wouldn’t face-to-face. Checking in with kids and observing them as they interact with technology can ensure your conversations are productive and helpful.

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