Leaf Season Do’s and Don’ts


Children love to play in piles of leaves. Keep them safe this fall by keeping the piles out of the street.

The Bay Village Police Department and the Service Department would like to remind residents that leaves should not be placed in the street right of way. Placing leaves in the street is a violation of City Ordinance and also creates safety issues.

Placing leaves in the roadway narrows the street creating an issue with passing traffic. Parking over leaves can cause fires from the vehicle’s catalytic converter. Bay Village has experienced such fires in the past. Piles of leaves are attractive to young children who like to play in the leaves, placing them nearly unseen in the street right of way. Wet leaves on the roadway can cause a slick surface similar to ice, increasing the chances of traffic crashes. In addition, sewer grates and curbs blocked by leaves can cause standing water on the streets and increase the incidents of blocked sewers.

“Our Service Department makes every effort to cover the entire city for leaf pickup every 5-8 days. Your tree lawn may suffer some minor damage from leaves over an extended period of time, but it will rebound well in the spring,” says Interim Mayor Gary Ebert. “Our friends at the Fire Department would also like to remind residents to not cover fire hydrants. A hydrant should be unobstructed within three feet. In an emergency and when seconds count, the failure to locate a hydrant because it is buried by leaves could be devastating.

“Bay Village is a beautiful community in the fall. We value our trees and the beauty that comes with the foliage. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in keeping our community safe when the leaves come down.”

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