Bay Village Police: The Bunny Did It!

What’s Up, Doc?

In a twist on the old ‘dog ate my homework’ ploy, a woman appeared at the Bay Police Station window on Thanksgiving Day with an unusual request. She asked that a police report be filed documenting her claim that  her rabbit had chewed up her paperwork for a medical prescription. She was told another could not be provided unless she made a report to her local police department. She was advised police reports are not done for such a circumstance, but Bay Police would happily provide her a copy of the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) entry stating the events as told by her.bay-village-police_feat2

In other Bay Village Police news:

On 112016, at 0005 hrs, an officer made a traffic stop on Columbia near the railroad tracks. The driver of the vehicle attempted to provide false information as to his identity. Subsequently it was determined the 21 year old Bay Village resident was under suspension. The male was arrested for Falsification and his vehicle was towed. After being processed at the station he was released on bond.

-On 112016, at 0005 hrs, an officer attempted to stop a vehicle on Wolf Road, east of Columbia Road on the suspicion the driver was under the influence. The vehicle did not stop, despite the officer’s use of lights and siren, until it pulled into a driveway on Wolf Road, near Glen Park Drive. While the officer was dealing with the female driver a male, who turned out to be the boyfriend of the driver, exited the home. He attempted to interfere with the process and was nearly arrested for Obstruction before calming down. The female driver was tested and subsequently arrested for OVI.

-On 112216, at 1818 hrs, Bay Village officers were dispatched to a residence on Osborn Road, near Douglas Drive on the report of possible drug activity. Upon arrival the distinct smell of marijuana could be smelled as the first officer pulled up to the house in question. As officers walked around to the rear of the home the smell of burnt marijuana became ever stronger. Four juvenile males were eventually arrested for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Marijuana. All were released to their parents, one of whom was released to his mother at the scene, she being the homeowner and claiming to be oblivious to the actions taking place in her backyard.

-On 112316, at 1735 hrs, a Bay Village officer was dispatched to Convenient Food Mart on a complaint by the business owner that a group of teenagers had caused a problem, but had left the premises. Investigation determined some members of the group had become upset when they did not have sufficient funds to pay for an item. They became belligerent and verbally insulting. Upon returning with enough money, the proprietor declined to sell the item. With this, two of the males became angry, used insulting language and one of the males stated/motioned that he intended to punch the owner, although no punch was thrown. The two males are to be charged for Disorderly Conduct; one through Rocky River Municipal Court and the other in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.


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