Chalupa Run Turns into DWI Bust

police_bay-village2_disclaimer“I was just trying to get to Taco Bell.”

Those were the plaintive words from the lips of an 18-year old driver on January 29 at 00:57 hours when a Bay Village Police officer attempted to stop a vehicle at Columbia Road and the railroad tracks. The vehicle did not stop until it reached a red traffic signal at Columbia and Detroit Roads, despite the officer having on both his emergency overhead lights and siren. The officer was halfway between his patrol car and the violator vehicle when the traffic signal turned green. The suspect vehicle pulled away south bound on Columbia Road. Eventually the car was stopped on Columbia Road, south of Detroit Road. The driver was asked why he did not stop. He just kept repeating, “I was just trying to get to Taco Bell.” The 18 year old failed roadside sobriety tests and was arrested for DWI. The two passengers were arrested for Underage Alcohol Prohibitions. All three Bay Village residents were later released from custody at the Bay Village Police station to sober adults. The two adults on bond and the juvenile is to be filed on in Juvenile Court.

Dungeons & Dragons with a Buzz

On January 24, 2017, at 00:00 hours, an officer stopped a vehicle on Clague Road, near the I-90 overpass for expired license plates. While talking to the driver the officer noted the strong smell of alcohol. The 30-year-old male from North Olmsted admitted to drinking while at a friend’s house where he had been playing Dungeons & Dragons. Once the second officer arrived, Standard Field Sobriety Tests were administered. The male failed and was arrested for DWI. After being processed at the station, he was released to his wife on bond.

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