87-Year Old Scammed for $9K in iTunes Fraud

An 87 year-old Avon man made repeated trips to buy iTunes gift cards from a Detroit Rd. store. He had been told by a caller that he was going to be ‘helped’ to buy a new computer.  Staff at the store became concerned on Feb. 20 and called Westlake police.

Westlake Police_RGB-WideHis family was subsequently notified and found that he had purchased approximately  $9000 worth of gift cards in the preceding week. Scammers had contacted him by phone and computer chat and gotten the card numbers from him to “help” him buy the new computer. Avon PD is handling the investigation.

Man Steals Grandpa’s Liquor  

A 31 year old Cleveland man broke into his grandparents’ Newbury Dr. house on Feb. 17. He set off the alarm when he broke a basement window. He was caught in a nearby yard with liquor which he claimed was his. He was charged with Agg. Burglary.133851-2

Man Stripped of $140 in Rub Down

A Cleveland man arranged for a $140 massage on Feb. 17 at a Clemens Rd. hotel. While he was in the bathroom, the masseuse and $140 cash disappeared, report Westlake Police.2-23-17 Nationwide Car Care