Bay Village Police: Beware – Big Checks are Signs of Scam

Bay Village Police report that they received two separate calls this week from residents who were attempting to sell items over the internet.

Each had received checks which were significantly in excess of the agreed upon sale price.police_bay-village2_disclaimer

Fortunately, each of these people checked with their banks and were advised this is a type of scam so they did NOT deposit the checks. By being properly suspicious, they prevented a loss of money and/or personal information. Well done!!

Identity Theft

On 02/22/2017, at 1824 hrs, a resident on Jefferson Court called to say she might have placed herself at risk for identity theft. She received what she thought was a valid e-mail from Netflix. She clicked on a link within the message and was redirected to another site. It was only after she typed in her personal information and credit card number that she realized the original message was a “phishing”e-mail and she had been sent to a fraudulent site. She cancelled the credit card. She was given the usual advice about monitoring her personal information and a log entry was made.

Wants & Warrants

On 02/20/2017, at 0320 hrs, a BVPD officer stopped a vehicle on Cahoon, near Rexford, because the listed owner showed as being EWW (Entered Warrants & Wants) with Fairview Park Pd. Marijuana was located under the driver’s seat during the tow inventory. The 24 year-old Westlake resident was charged with possession of marijuana before being over to a Fairview Park officer.

Wrong Side of the Road

On 02/25/2017, at 1943hrs, a caller said they were behind a vehicle that was driving on the wrong side of the road at a slow speed. Officers located and stopped the suspect vehicle. The 49 year-old Bay Village resident was arrested after failing the field sobriety tests. After being processed at the station, he was released on personal bond to a friend.

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