Bullying Book Signing Party at Westview Elementary

Westview bullying book 3-9We all know bullying is a problem in our society, but a group of first-graders at Westview Elementary School in Avon Lake are taking a positive approach to the issue and are learning some valuable lessons along the way.

First-grade students from Liz Baker’s class recently published a book (hardbound copies) on bullying and had a Book Signing Party Feb. 28 at the school. The event was part of larger school-wide assembly regarding bullying. After the main assembly, the first-grade students took turns reading their page to parents and then signed each book as a keepsake for each other.

Westview bullying book 1-7

Liz Baker’s first-grade class from Westview Elementary School published the book “Stand Up to Stop Bully-ing” and held a book signing as part of a larger school-wide assembly about bullying.

“We talk about bullying in our school and our classrooms are bully-free zones,” said Baker. “There are lots of great books out there that address bullying. The goal of the book was for the students to make it more personal. I asked the students questions like, ‘what would they do if they saw someone being bullied?’ or ‘how would they stand up to a bully?’ They were able to write out their own responses on each page. They also were able to decorate their page. The books turned out better than I could have ever imagined. The students can now say they are published in a book, and they are helping others and raising awareness.”

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