Remembering Amy in Bay

DSC_9906-1It has been 27 years since the disappearance and death of Amy Mihaljevic shocked the Bay Village community.

Today, the memorial marker placed near City Hall in remembrance of the little girl is weathered and fading. The image of her bright, smiling face is today barely visible on the marker.

But her memory has not diminished a bit in the hearts of Bay Villagers. A community champion who has stepped into the cause of refreshing Amy’s presence is John Paytosh – well known in Bay Village as administrator of the popular facebook site, Secret Bay Village.

John Paytosh

John Paytosh

Two weeks ago, John noticed the deteriorated appearance of the marker. He posted it on the SBV site.

“This morning I made a post about the current condition of the Amy Mihajevic memorial stone in Cahoon Park and how we could possibly get it repaired,” wrote John on March 1. “The response was overwhelming! I reached out to my buddy Shawn Hachet who works for Johns Carabelli Co. Monuments about a possible cost to repair the stone.

“After showing the image to his boss they offered to come out and repair the stone on site free of charge!!! This is so exciting, Johns Carabelli is one of the best in the business and their beautiful monuments can be seen all over the area, feel free to check out their website

Johns Carabelli is noted for memorials like the Alan Freed (Father of Rock & Roll) Jukebox Memorial.

In short order, Paytosh went on to speak with Mayor Paul Koomar, Police Chief Mark Spaetzel and Law Director Gary Ebert.

“They are all on board to get Amy’s memorial repaired. My first conversation this morning was with Mr. Mihajevic, to be sure it was something he’d appreciate, I think he’s pleased,” says Paytosh. “Johns Carabelli will be coming out to take a look at the stone to evaluate the work that needs to be done next week. I’m am still floored by their generosity, they’re wonderful people!

“I’m amazed how quickly this has come together! Thank you to everyone who supported this idea! Good stuff!”

Thank you, John Paytosh – Community Champion!

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