Bay Resident Falls for Computer Scam

A Bay Village resident fell for a computer scam last week and now is stuck with a locked-out computer filled with problems and a bank account  dinged for $500.police_bay-village2_disclaimer

Bay Police received the call on March 17. An officer was dispatched to the home to take a fraud report. The victim said he had received a “pop up banner” on his computer, which appeared to be from the Microsoft Corporation. This banner said his computer had been locked and there was now a virus on the computer. He was directed to a phone number in order to have the computer fixed. He called the number and spoke to a male with a foreign accent. This male advised the victim he had the Zeus virus on his computer. The technician requested that an “E-Check” for $499.00 be sent in order for the computer to be fixed. It was sent. As far as the victim can tell the foreign sounding male deleted numerous files, added malware and adware, and now the victim is locked out of his e-mail account. The complainant was advised not to use his computer until he had it looked at professionally. He had already notified all of his financial institutions. A report was taken.

Feeling Green

St. Patrick’s Day revelry had one male in Bay Village feeling green on Saturday. On March 18, at 03:47 AM, officers were dispatched to a residence on Fordham on the report of an out of control male. Investigation determined the group had attended the St. Patrick’s Day parade downtown. One of the group, a 22-year old from North Ridgeville, had consumed large quantities of alcohol, mainly beer and vodka, throughout the day and night. Approximately 20 minutes prior to the 911 call, this male became emotional and began acting aggressively to the others inside the residence. Officers found the male being restrained by another male. The assailant was eventually transported to St. John Medical Center. He will be charged for Disorderly Conduct/Intoxication into Rocky River Municipal Court.

Moaning Male

On 03/19/2017, at 01:26 AM, Bay VIllage officers were dispatched to the south end of Bassett on a disturbance call. The complainant told the officers he thought he had heard the sound of a male in some type of distress, between his house and the railroad tracks. Officers searched and found a male, face down in the grass. This male smelled strongly of an alcoholic beverage, his speech was slurred and had great difficulty in answering questions coherently. Fortunately one of the officers recognized the Westlake juvenile, having had arrested him a few months ago. Eventually he was released to his parents. He will be referred to the County Juvenile Court for multiple charges.

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