Tom Hill: Westlake Legend Still Beloved by Demon Faithful

Westlake High School band director Tom Hill joined the Homecoming festivities Friday night.

Anyone who has ever benefited from the music programs at Westlake High School can say ‘thanks’ to beloved former Music Director Thomas F. Hill.

Now approaching 90, Mr. Hill came to Westlake Schools back in 1953 where he led bands at each and every school in the district. He founded such legendary Westlake music traditions as Music a la Mode, brought the fight song ‘Stand Up and Cheer’ to the school and helped arrange the school Alma Mater.

Mr. Hill is still revered at the sidelines of Westlake football games and was recently in attendance at the 2017 Westlake Homecoming Festivities. On the sidelines for the halftime show, many of today’s band members came over to Mr. Hill to wish him well and share their gratitude for the excellence in the music programs that he helped found. He retired in 1987 but maintains an active interest in school music events. He even wore a circa-1980’s green Westlake Music windbreaker at the game.

“High school days are forever dear
But Father Time takes his toll;
Yet the memories will still be near
As we strive for our goal.

So Westlake, while we are here,
Let’s be friends firm and true:
We’ll all be faithful dear Alma Mater,

For we’ll always be part of you.”

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