Bistro83 Raises the Bar in North Ridgeville

Bistro83, already noted for its fine food and friendly bar located at the corner of Rt. 83 and Mills Road in North Ridgeville, reopened Monday evening after an elaborate expansion and remodeling.

Bud and Linda Hagy

Located just south of the Mills Road traffic circle, there is no roundabout way to say it better than this: Bistro83 has raised the bar – the Raw Bar!

Yes, Bistro83 has added a Raw Bar in addition to its new Oak Room where oysters are shucked and sushi is rolled right before your eyes.

It’s clear that proprietor Bud Hagy – a life long marathon runner – has now gone the extra mile in creating a space that is unique to Lorain County and will be a destination location regionally for its unique mix of dining excellence, atmosphere and new Oak Room.

Combining elegance and openness where friends feel relaxed yet pampered by the perfected cuisine of executive chef Anthony Martorello and his culinary staff, Bistro83 and the Oak Room blend a cutting edge feel that includes 75 inch TVs for sports fans, comfy booths for conversation and dining, plus four top tables that invite social interaction.

Now occupying space that was once next door to Bistro83, the Oak Room features a long, classic granite-topped bar backed by etched mirror and an array of unique beer taps that serve as a call to arms each Friday evening at 6 when bartender Jeff Gresko calls all to attention for his weekly ‘Beer Cheer.’

Beer Cheer!

“Here we are for the first Beer Cheer at the grand opening of our new Oak Room,” exclaimed proprietor Bud Hagy at last Friday’s grand opening party. Bud and Linda Hagy welcomed a few hundred friends and guests for an informal dinner that launched the new space

“We are so excited here tonight! We are welcoming about 150-200 people here tonight for our opening night event and we are just excited, our bartenders are excited and we welcome you.”

“This is a good, happy day for us!” exclaimed Jeff as he launched his first Beer Cheer from the new Oak Room. “Thank you for coming in and supporting us.”

“I also want to thank all the volunteers and my lovely wife, Linda, who did a lot of the decorating, and all of the employees who chipped in,” added Bud. “I’m so excited for the future of this business, Bistro83. With the new raw bar and the new Oak Room it is really exciting for Avon, North Ridgeville, Westlake and all the local suburbs.”

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