Avon Garden Club Beautification Awards

The Avon Garden Club is seeking nominations for the 2018 Beautification Awards.

The purpose of the Avon Garden Club is to promote knowledge of and enthusiasm for gardening and to acknowledge our responsibility for stewardship of the earth and all its natural resources. Our goal is to contribute to the beautification of our community and encourage an atmosphere of friendliness and kinship with all gardeners.

As part of this mission, biennially, the club presents Beautification Awards for residential gardens within the city of Avon. Various garden categories and features are considered; however, for gardens to be considered, the gardens must be attended to and maintained by the homeowners.

No professionally manicured gardens are eligible. Front yards only are eligible. Winners will be invited to a reception on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.

Throughout the months of June and July, residents may suggest the club consider their neighbor’s garden, or even their own, by contacting the committee chair, Kathy, at (440) 668-3969, or the president, Cynthia (440) 937-0037.

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