Ridgeville Police Send Warning to Vandals

North Ridgeville Police have sent a warning to vandals via their facebook page.

“You know what infuriates us?” say Police. ” When hard working people spend their hard earned money on nice things and someone comes along with no other purpose than to destroy what people have worked hard for.

‘The owner of this car just bought it. She’s made two payments on it. Two. Here’s what she gets.

‘Before you say “Probably an ex” or “Who’d she make mad” allow me let you in on something. This is the second one from last night. This one is on Wil-Lou and the first one was on Rhonda Dr. Apparently completely unrelated.

‘To those responsible: In this day and age of video cameras we’ll get video of you. And when we do we will put you on blast on social media. Believe that. We may not catch you today. Maybe not tomorrow, but we will. Your only hope to avoid embarrassing yourself and your family is to head the inevitable video off by coming clean now. If you were with whoever did this, get in front of it now before it comes knocking on your door.

‘If anyone has information on this, give us a call at 440-327-2191. You can remain anonymous. If you live in the area of either of these incidents and have video, please review your footage during the overnight hours.’




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