Avon High Students Create Mini-Mosaic Mural

A classroom courtyard within the grounds of Avon High School features a new mini-mosaic tile art display created by the students. The goal of the mural was to enhance the area to create an inviting space for teaching and learning.

Currently, the sparse courtyard consists of a few benches which were colorfully painted by art students at the school. But for the most part, the courtyard décor is pretty plain.

Artist George Woideck works with Avon High School students to finish the mini-mosaic tile mural in the school’s courtyard inspired from Louis Armstrong’s classic hit, “What a Wonderful World.” Art students pictured (L to R) with Woideck include Grace Alexander, Luke Bruno, Adam Ferrara and Annaliese Eldridge.

Until now.

Thanks to a vision from art teacher Karen Busch, and music and art students at the school, a new mural is on display for students and guests to enjoy.

“We wanted the display to be something that the students could work on collaboratively, and also have some kind of meaning behind it,” said Busch. “We selected some of the top musicians and artists in the school to come up with an image based on an inspirational song. That collaboration of music and art is the true inspiration behind the project. A lot of students had a hand in creating the mural. The tiles also are made from recycled glass.”

The song selected was Louis Armstrong’s classic hit, “What a Wonderful World.”

Busch enlisted guest artist, George Woideck, to come in and work with the students on the drawing, as well as assist with the installation of the mural. Woideck is trained as a painter and took time off to tour and record as a rock musician before launching a career as a ceramic artist. Since then he has been an artist-in-residence in schools throughout Ohio and Michigan. Woideck was named National Young Audiences Artist of the Year and his work as a teaching artist has been recognized by the Ohio Art Education Association. For a week each summer he teaches a course in ceramic tile and mosaic for the School of Art at Chautauqua. His studio work has been seen in galleries and museums in Chicago, Cleveland and New York; His public art installations can be viewed in businesses, libraries and hospitals in the area.

The finished masterpiece inspired from Louis Armstrong’s classic hit, “What a Wonderful World.” Avon High School music and art student created the design and installed the mural in the school’s courtyard.

According to Busch, the plan is to find other spaces around the school to create additional mini-mosaic murals.

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