Bay Village Schools Announce First “No Homework Family Night”

Families in the Bay Village City School District are encouraged to plan an evening to simply enjoy the company of one another on Monday, November 12, the district’s first No Homework Family Night. It is planned for a rare date on the school activities calendar when little else is taking place.

“Our lives become so packed with activities and obligations that we often need a reminder that cherishing time spent with our loved ones must be a priority,” said Superintendent Jodie Hausmann.

“We hope our families will plan quality time together Monday evening, November 12 – sit down together for dinner, take a walk, read a book aloud, or play a board game,” she said. “Bring out the family photo album, volunteer together or do something else you can enjoy as a family. It really doesn’t matter what you do together, as long as you are purposeful about appreciating one another.”

Hausmann said that school leaders would listen to feedback from parents and faculty to determine if the district should plan additional No Homework Family Nights.

“We know that our students’ social and emotional well-being is every bit as important as their academic progress,” said Hausmann. “There is nothing more important to a child’s sense of confidence than being part of a family where they feel loved and supported.”

She added that she hopes staff members will also use that evening to connect with their families, and that she appreciates the Bay Village Schools faculty support of the No Homework Family Night.


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