Redwood Elf on the Shelf Greets Students at Redwood Elementary School

Redwood Principal T.J. Ebert and LEAPS Preschool director, Jen Fazio

Students, staff and visitors were greeted by a very special guest this week at Redwood Elementary School in Avon Lake.

Principal T.J. Ebert and Jen Fazio, LEAPS Preschool director, were perched on the roof watching the students arrive to school. Each day since Monday, the elves have been “moved” (just like the original Elf on the Shelf story), and will continue to show up in different locations each day until the holiday break begins. At first, many students did not know it was their beloved principals. The elves want to make sure the students know they are watching so the students are good in school before the holidays. Photo credit: Jantz Photography

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