The ‘You Can’t Believe It” Police News

The “You Can’t Believe It” Police News:

A Fairview Park man was so drunk that when police asked him to step out of his car, it was discovered he had both legs in one pant leg of his shorts!

Yes, it happened on New Year’s Eve. Just before 9 p.m.

He smelled strongly of an alcoholic beverage and was unsteady on his feet. He was given sobriety tests which he failed, and was arrested for OVI. At the station he took a breath test, result of .275 BAC. The 42 year old Fairview Park man was cited for DUI/BAC, Hit Skip, and ACDA (assured clear distance).

The story began as officers responded to the area of Wooster/Lorain Rd on a report that a possibly intoxicated driver struck a vehicle at that location. The responding officers located two cars near the intersection, as well as a stopped ambulance. The firemen had seen one male outside of the car yelling at another, and mentioned that the driver of the subject vehicle appeared “out of it”. The other driver was being checked out by the paramedics.

Happy New Year

Then, at 1 a.m. on Jan. 1, Police responded to a W 202 St address on a report by the resident that someone was banging on his door so hard he thought it might break. Arriving officers located a male on the porch wearing no shoes and who appeared intoxicated. The subject’s speech was almost unintelligible, he was unsteady, and smelled of alcohol. It was found that he was looking for a person in Rocky River and went to this house instead. No one could be contacted to pick him up, so the 18 year old Rocky River resident was arrested for DCI.

Rent Money Scam

It’s not good when the guy who rents you a house is not even the owner!

A couple called the police Jan. 2reporting a “scam”. They had arranged to rent the W. 224 residence in Fairview Park and had made a deposit on same. The remaining money was to be paid upon finalizing paperwork and they were to meet at the home. While there waiting, the real owner of the house arrived and spoke to the duped couple, and told them that the house was not for rent. Investigation to continue.

School Trailer Swiped

A Fairview Park Schools administrator contacted police on Jan. 2 to report the theft of a school owned trailer. The trailer had been parked and locked in the bus depot area of the property on Dec 21. On December 28th a custodian noticed the lock cut and the trailer gone. No suspects in the theft.


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