University Hospitals Education and Community Events Schedule

Click to view the UH Education and Community Events Schedule for January-June, 2019

The Outreach Departments of University Hospitals St. John Medical Center, Avon Health Center and Elyria Medical Center have the unique and valuable opportunity to interact with members of our communities and identify the health concerns of its residents.

Each hospital’s Outreach Team is able to offer you and your family screenings, wellness programs, health talks and healthy lifestyle events. Many of these programs provide critical awareness, education and the opportunity to use these skill builders to enhance a healthy lifestyle.

University Hospitals wish to empower every member of our communities to enjoy the healthiest lifestyle possible. To that end, University Hospitals are dedicated to providing health and outreach services to completely meet the needs of our communities.

Register early to reserve your place before classes fill up or to minimize the chance of a class being canceled because too few have signed up. Listings are free of charge unless otherwise noted.

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