Avon High School and Middle School Students Excel at The Scholastic Art Awards Program

Give or Greed by Leland Starwalt

The Lorain County Regional Scholastic Art Exhibition has been providing a program to recognize, exhibit and honor excellence in visual art from 7-12 grade students for over 50 years.

The Scholastic Art Awards program is the largest annual art competition in the country. Students in schools across the United States and Canada create the 150,000 entries each year. The Lorain County region includes public and private middle and high schools from Lorain, Erie and Huron counties. Over 1,700 works were entered from the three counties. Local art teachers entered a variety of two and three-dimensional works this year.

Work was juried by an esteemed panel of art and design professionals and professors from northeast Ohio. Work was judged by originality, technical skill and emergence of personal vision and voice. Grade 7-8 students compete in one division with all categories mixed. The high school students are competing together, grades 9-12, at the “varsity level” within various separate media categories. Students earn third place “Honorable Mention”, second place “Silver Key” and the first place of “Gold Key”. Placing among the 500 pieces in this show is like placing in “districts” in sports. Those works earning a regional “Gold Key” here advance directly to national jurying in New York City this spring.

The exhibit is hosted at the Stocker Center gallery on the campus of Lorain County Community College and funded by Nordson Corporation Foundation, C. Paul Stocker Arts Foundation and Lorain County Community College. The exhibit runs now through Feb. 22 and is open to the public. A Gold Key awards ceremony and reception will be held on Feb. 10 for the Gold Key winners. Beth K. Stocker Gallery hours are Mon. – Fri. 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with Tues., Wed., and Thurs. evenings 4 to 6:30 p.m. and Sundays from 1 to 5 p.m.. The gallery is also open during Stocker Center Hoke Theater performances.

Avon High School list of winners (Of note, AHS senior (Sr) Leland Starwalt earned six Gold Keys, four Silver Keys and two Honorable Mentions, and also took home a top honor earning the American Vision Award.

(Sr) Leland Starwalt Art Portfolio Everyday Motion Gold
(Sr) Leland Starwalt Art Portfolio Curated Color Honorable Mention
(Sr) Leland Starwalt Painting Give or Greed Gold – American Vision
(Sr ) Nicole Gordish Mixed Media How do you see music? Gold
(Sr) Hanna Dilik Painting Silenced in blue Gold
(Sr) Hanna Dilik Painting Hands of Heart Gold
(Sr) Sarah Fisher Painting Cubed Self Portrait Gold
(Sr) Leland Starwalt Painting 2001 Gold
(Sr) Leland Starwalt Painting Happy Accident Gold
(Sr) Leland Starwalt Painting The Deep End Gold
(Jr) Katie LeHoty Simon Gold
(Sr) Leland Starwalt Painting Contact Gold
(Sr) Madison McSweeney Drawing and Illustration Reminiscing Salvador Silver
(Sr) Hanna Dilik Mixed Media Avocado State of Mind Silver
(Sr) Leland Starwalt Mixed Media The Stretch Silver
(Sr) Hanna Dilik Painting crucible of cancer Silver
(Sr) Nicole Gordish Painting Elle Silver
(Sr) Leland Starwalt Painting Flying Overseas Silver
(Sr) Leland Starwalt Photography Exploring a bridge Silver
(Sr) Leland Starwalt Photography Newlyweds Silver
(Sr) Leland Starwalt Digital Art Doorbell Silver
(Sr) Leland Starwalt Art Portfolio Curated Color Honorable Mention
(Sr) Sarah Fisher Drawing and Illustration Homecoming 2016 Self Portrait Honorable Mention
(Sr) Sarah Fisher Drawing and Illustration Hibiscus Honorable Mention
(Sr) Nicole Gordish Drawing and Illustration Still Dead Honorable Mention
(Sr) Julia Morrison Drawing and Illustration Summer Morning Honorable Mention
(Sr) Madison McSweeney Painting Self Portrait Honorable Mention
(Sr) Madison McSweeney Painting I’m Sorry, Honey Honorable Mention
(Sr) Leland Starwalt Painting June Honorable Mention
(Sr) Nicole Gordish Sculpture My Italy Honorable Mention
(Sr) Julia Morrison Dreamer Honorable Mention
(Sr) Kaitlyn Hunt Drawing and Illustration April Honorable Mention

Avon High School art teachers Karen Busch and Maria Petrulis had student entries

Avon Middle School students from left to right: Amy Klinkowski, Isabella Keller, Nadia Benninghofen, Adeline Dreger, Leah Raymond, Olivia Bogna, Julia Laforet, Olivia Eavenson, Carl Wible, Molly Rak, and Clare O’Malley. Not pictured: Rayna Swope

The following are Avon Middle School award recipients:

Gold Key Winners: Olivia Eavenson (grade 8) and Clare O’Malley (grade 7)

Silver Key Winners: Nadia Benninghofen (grade 8), Olivia Bogna (grade 8), Amy Klimkowski (grade 8), Julia Laforet (grade 8), and Carl Wible (grade 8)

Honorable Mention: Adeline Dreger (grade 7), Isabella Keller (grade 7), Molly Rak (grade 7), Leah Raymond (grade 8), and Rayna Swope (grade 8)

Avon Middle School art teachers are Stacy Cislo and John Yagoda

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