It’s Your Time…. at “My Personal Trainer”

This New Year Avoid the Crowded Fitness Rush and Get the Personalized Attention You Need!

It’s that time of year again were millions of Americans are kick starting their resolutions off by joining their local fitness centers or gyms.

The industry knows this, and many elevate their membership fees and rates to meet the demand. Once you join after paying the highest cost of the year you quickly see you’re not alone. The places are packed with new faces and new members who have NO idea how to properly workout. If you’re lucky you might be shown one time on how to use the equipment which you quickly forget by the next day.

Even if you remember and have a routine in mind your often-stuck waiting for the machines to become free to use. In turn your workout experience takes a lot more of your valuable time. Intimidation alone can make the experience unpleasant. Your intentions were good, and you made the initial effort over the mass of others who did nothing, but you quickly lose commitment or effort out of frustration over lack of results and time!

My Personal Trainer offers a personalized approach to their clients. Rather than figuring out how to do on your own, the certified personal trainers are there to guide you through each workout. Through motivation, accountability, and safety My Personal Trainer gets you the results you want in a fraction of the time it would take you on your own. The high intensity strength training sessions are time efficient, requiring only two twenty-minute sessions per week for excellent results.

In addition to saving you one-third of your weekly time with our convenient program that produces 5 times the results, is our programs affordability. My Personal Trainer program will be up to 70% less than other personal training programs and we offer different programs to comfortably accommodate your financial capabilities.

Whether you have a lot of fat to lose or just want to tone up My Personal Trainer regardless of age or present physical condition will help you achieve your goal with their high intensity strength training interval training and fat burning nutritional program.

If you’re unsure then come experience their services for two complimentary sessions to become comfortable in taking the next step!


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