Fairview Park Police: Church ‘Issues’ Lead to Arrest of Armed Man

Fairview Park Police report they were alerted to a man who may have ‘had a plan’ for Journey Church at 21220 Lorain Road in Fairview Park on March 3. The man’s cell phone was pinged and the suspect was found in the vicinity of the church at 1127 hours. A loaded .357 revolver was found under his car seat. Here is the news release from Fairview Park Police:

March 3, 2019, Suspicion, 21220 Lorain Rd, 1127 hrs.

Police received a call from a S. Carolina man that he believed a childhood friend is in crisis and may be planning violence at Journey Church in Fairview Park. The subject had been kicked out of his parents house in Kent the previous night, enforced by Kent PD. He had told the caller today that he had issues with Journey Church and “had a plan”. The subject was also believed to have access to weapons.

The parents were contacted and confirmed the previous information, and gave further information. Using cell phone technology, the subject’s phone was pinged and found to be near the church. An officer located the car and found the subject. Conversation ensued, resulting ultimately in the male giving consent to check the car. A loaded Smith and Wesson .357 revolver was located under the seat. Also found was a box of ammunition, a quantity of “Spice”, a synthetic drug, and drug paraphernalia . The 41 year old male was arrested for Improper Transportation of a Firearm and Possession of a Controlled Substance (synthetic spice). Invest to continue.

Fairview Police Take Down Stabbing Suspect

A stabbing suspect was apprehended by Fairview Park Police on Feb. 28 after they were alerted by Cleveland Police of an incident at Kamm’s Corners at 0421 hours.

Fairview Policen were given a description by Cleveland Police and an officer searching the area located a male matching the description walking w/b on Lorain near the Emerald Necklace Inn. He approached the male and started questioning him as another Fairview officer arrived.

The male refused to allow a pat down for weapons and the officer ended up going hands-on with the suspect. He took him to the ground, with the assistance of the other Fairview officer. A 4” – 5” triangular piece of glass was found on the suspect’s person. CPD was notified and responded, stating he matched the description of their suspect as given by three witnesses.

The 28 year old Berea male was then turned over to CPD for their crime.

Here is a video of the incident: https://www.facebook.com/261933944519832/videos/2326386420705077/

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