Westlake Police: Evidence Flushed After Reckless Westlake Vehicle Reports

Westlake Police report that n 3/1/19 at about 5 p.m. multiple citizens called about a reckless black vehicle on Radcliffe Dr. As witnesses were calling, the car struck a fire hydrant but still fled from the area. Using good witness descriptions, an officer caught up with the vehicle as it was traveling on Dover Center. The officer noted that there were 3 occupants at that time. After getting through traffic, the suspect vehicle was found parked in the lot of Ace Hardware on Detroit Rd. Now there was only 1 occupant who was in the driver’s seat. The 20yo from Westlake said that his 2 buddies had gone into the hardware store. Meanwhile, witnesses reported that the employees of the store were having a hard time with 2 people who possibly were flushing items down the public toilet. After officers rounded up all three who had been in the vehicle it was apparent that alcohol was involved in their actions. The 20yo was the owner of the vehicle and admitted that he took over control after his friend, an 18yo from Fairview Park, had driven recklessly and struck the hydrant. Both males were arrested for OVI as well as underage consumption as they both had been driving. They both refused a breath test. The third male, a 20yo from North Olmsted was cited with open container and underage consumption. The damaged car was towed away.

24 Baggies of Cocaine

On 3/3/19 at approx. 1230 PM an officer stopped a vehicle leaving the Super 8 Motel on Sperry for a traffic violation. When the car was pulling over the 2 occupants were observed moving around the interior of the vehicle. The driver, a 29yo male from Cleveland, had a suspended license. The female passenger, a 24yo from Cleveland, was acting very nervously and coupled with drug evidence located in the vehicle she was questioned. She admitted that the male driver had given her narcotics to hide on her person. She retrieved the 24 individual baggies and admitted that they were purported to be cocaine. The male was charged with trafficking drugs and tampering with evidence. The female was charged with felony tampering as well.

More Crocker Park Shoplifters

On 3/6/19 the manager at H & M at Crocker Park reported that 10 minutes prior, 2 females had shoplifted from the store. They were described as black females with one wearing a green sweatshirt and leather jacket while the other had on all black clothing. They left in an unknown direction. While reviewing the surveillance footage, the females were observed stuffing numerous items of children’s clothing into their pants and outer clothing while hiding behind store displays. The store is completing an inventory to determine the pricing of the stolen items. 2 photos from the surveillance are attached. If anyone recognizes either of the females, please contact the Westlake Police Department non-emergency phone line at 440-871-3311. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

Crocker Park, Again!

On 3/7/19 at approx. 7:33PM WPD received a call from H and M at Crocker Park about a robbery which had just occurred. A black male suspect had stuffed clothing into his pants before forcibly pushing employees out of the way as they blocked the exit door. He ran from the store toward the Market Street Garage. There were no weapons or injuries reported. Officers and Crocker Park Security checked the area but were unable to locate the suspect who was described as wearing jeans and a leather jacket. Investigation led to a positive identification of a suspect. A warrant was obtained for a 32 year old from East Cleveland.

Passed Out Female

On 3/7/19 at approx. 8:30AM officers responded to a report of a female possibly overdosing in a vehicle parked in the lot of the Westfield Apartments on Detroit Rd. The driver had been found unconscious in the vehicle by passersby. When officers arrived, the 29yo from Westlake said that she simply worked the night shift and fell asleep in the vehicle when she arrived home. She was checked out by paramedics but declined medical attention. During the investigation it was discovered that the female was in possession of a small baggie of suspected cocaine and cut snorting straws with residue. She was taken into custody and charged with felony possession of narcotics and paraphernalia.

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