Kensington Intermediate School Named Cleveland Clinic Banner School

The Office of Government and Community Relations’ Civic Education Department of the Cleveland Clinic announced on Thursday morning that Kensington Intermediate School (KIS) has been named a 2018-2019 Cleveland Clinic Banner School. This marks the second consecutive year KIS has received the honor.

The award recognizes Kensington’s noteworthy success in leveraging community resources to advance student learning. The Cleveland Clinic Civic Education Department offers programs designed to promote health and wellness, academic achievement, and career preparedness for students in grades K through 12.

In announcing the awards to the schools in an email to KIS Principal Todd Murphy, the Cleveland Clinic recognized the efforts at KIS with the following:

“It takes ambitious teachers and encouraging administrators to deliver these opportunities to students. The effort Meredith Muccio invested in implementing the Dangerous Decibels® program and the support you provided in the process demonstrate an exceptional commitment to student enrichment and distinguish Kensington Intermediate School as a 2018-2019 Cleveland Clinic Banner School.”

Fewer than 39-percent of the 125 schools and educational organizations in seven states that participated in Civic Education programming this year earned the distinction of Cleveland Clinic Banner School.

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