Hot Diggity Dog! Wienermobile Comes to the West Shore!

The team from Avon Lake’s Northern Hammerworks nailed down a bite to eat when the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile visited the Lear Rd. Giant Eagle last week. The event was met with relish!

Frankly speaking, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile visit to the West Shore was one of the season’s most relished events!

Head hot dog Connor O’Neil, C-dog on the hot dog highways, gave the Villager a heads up that the iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was coming to the area last week. It was first seen broiling in the sun outside the Westlake Doubletree Hotel, but soon made its way to public grillings at the Westlake and Avon Lake Giant Eagles on Friday.

Connor gave out Wiener Whistles, coupons, played various games, and spread smiles to as many people as he could. He even had sheet music to assist people in the famed ‘I Wish I Was an Oscar Mayer Wiener’ and ‘My Bologna has a First Name’ jingles.

“It is our mission to “meat” up with as many folks as we can and help them ketchup with the Wienermobile wherever we go,” he reports.

Connor adds that the Wienermobile is based out of Chicago. Each year a recent college grad (Connor earned his degree at Missouri) is selected to become an Oscar Mayer Hotdogger and hit the hot dog highway for a year to spread the Wienermobile word. Some facts:

Having a ‘BUN’derful time! “I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener, That is what I truly wish to be”

The meat of the Wienermobile is made up grilled fiberglass resting on a lightly toasted fiberglass bun atop a V-8 6.0 liter VORTEC engine that runs on high-octane mustard.

The Wienermobile is 11 feet tall (“24 hot dogs high,” says Connor), 60 hot dogs long (27 ft.), and 8 feet wide (18 hot dogs). It weighs 14,050 pounds, the equivalent of 140,500 hot dogs. Inside appointments include a hot dog shaped dashboard, condiment stained carpet, six mustard and ketchup colored seats and a smiling front grill. And, if you fail to see it coming, it also has the official Weiner Jingle Horn!

The Wienermobile has been around since 1936, first designed by Carl Mayer, nephew of Oscar Meyer. On its mission, the Wienermobile delivers as many wiener-whistles as possible to guests to enjoy. Whistle-offs are part of the fun as kids fill the air with ear-piercing joy. But, before you know it, Connor has the buns packed up and it’s on the road again.

“Have a wienerful day,” he says with a smile as he sails into mustard colored sunset……

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