God Cares Picnic Brings Summer Fun

A summer highlight for area residents of long-term care facilities is the annual God Cares Picnic hosted at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Westlake.

A highlight of the summer season is the annual God Cares Summer Picnic hosted at Westlake’s St. Paul Lutheran Church for residents of the area’s long-term care facilities.

God Cares is an Avon Lake-based ministry. It is a special, mission-based organization started in 1994. It has since made a difference in the lives of thousands and its Summer Picnic has become an annual tradition, The God Cares Ministry purpose is to find and support Christian volunteers for nursing home ministry.

This year’s picnic was held on July 19 at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Westlake.

The place was hopping with fun, food and music as senior center buses from all over the area packed the parking lot, bringing hundreds of guests to the event.

Bill Goodrich, President and Founder of the ministry, welcomed guests and said the event honors the legacy of John R. Palffy and family, who started the picnic 17 years ago. John lived to be 85 years old. After his funeral service, his family made a donation that would support a picnic for the residents of a nearby nursing home. That first picnic hosted 25 guests. This year, God Cares picnics have entertained and brightened the lives of thousands!

“It’s something we look forward to every year it’s more a blessing for us. The look in the residents faces make it all worthwhile. It’s a privilege to be a part of this. There are so many people involved in this,” says Fran Palffy of the family legacy.

The event this year recalled the words Bill Goodrich had inscribed on a plaque presented to the Palffy family last year. It reads, ‘Friends, I want to encourage you to leave a legacy of love. One kind deed every day for another person, without any expectation of a reward….May the Lord cause your seeds of loving kindness to grow and bear much good fruit.’

To learn more, please visit www.GodCaresMinistry.com.

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