Team Approach Means Success at Century 21 DeAnna Realty

Denise D’Orazio, Administrative Assistant and Alyssa DeAnna, CFO/Office Administrator

Growing from 3 to 30 agents in the past 18 months, Century 21 DeAnna Realty is the area’s fastest-growing agency.

Its sales have jumped from 100 transactions annually to a projection of over 200 this year.

One thing that hasn’t changed at the former Ohio Family Realty is a commitment to client satisfaction. Satisfied customers continue to be the foremost goal of the company.

“And that means our internal clients, too, who are our agents,” says Alyssa DeAnna, Chief Financial Officer at Century 21 DeAnna Realty.

Alyssa and Denise D’Orazio are crucial staff members who address every behind-the-scenes detail at the busy office.

“Due to all of our growth, Alyssa DeAnna has been promoted to CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and still maintains her role as Office Administrator,” says Century 21 DeAnna Realty President Mike DeAnna.

“She oversees everything from placing office orders for equipment and signs to handling billing, payments, and commissions. Century 21 DeAnna Realty’s sales have doubled in the last year. All of this can be time-consuming and overwhelming some days. She really never had a minute to breathe or take a day off.”

Now in her 8th year with the company, Alyssa greets each day with enthusiasm. “Yes, there are a lot of challenges. But we have fun and really enjoy working with all the different people we serve. It is fast-paced. We coordinate the transactions and make sure everything is on track for the client.”

Joining forces with Century 21 has been an exciting move for the company, says Alyssa. “We still have the family and small-company feel, but now we have all the resources that come with affiliating with the Number One real estate company in the country – the tech and networking. As a result, we are here in the office to make sure things run smoothly for all our clients. And that means our internal clients, too, who are our agents. We are here to help them with all the details.”

“We understood that one of the true needs of the company was to also hire an administrative assistant,” says Mike DeAnna. “Century 21 DeAnna Realty was lucky enough to find Denise D’Orazio. She had experience in the industry and is a perfect fit for our company. Denise is great with clients as well as our agents. She has taken on many of the duties that Alyssa had handled alone. In addition, she teaches some of the classes that we offer our agents in the Century 21 DeAnna Training Center.”

Coming from another area agency, Denise brings a depth of familiarity with the local markets to Century 21 DeAnna Realty. Her expertise on contract details is shared through training sessions she conducts at the on-site DeAnna Realty Training Center.

“I was familiar with the growth of Century 21 DeAnna Realty and I am excited to join the team here,” she says. “The training, the culture, the whole atmosphere makes this a place agents want to come and work, where client success is at the top of the list.”

“There is an excellent culture here,” says Denise, citing the influence of the company’s original agents Jim Fowler, Tony DeAnna and Mike DeAnna.

“Sometimes you get so big, you lose the personal touch. Century 21 DeAnna Realty is staying true to the core values that bring people here, which is that personal, family feel.”

“It is always about the many small things,” says Alyssa. “With so many transactions and encounters there are so many opportunities where that personal touch makes the difference. That is what sets us apart.”

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