Fairview Hospital Opens Doors to Exciting Careers in Healthcare

Betsy Robertson of Respiratory Services shares with students the satisfaction that comes with working in the healthcare field.

The excitement of donning scrubs and taking a behind-the-scenes look at a career in healthcare was made possible for approximately 40 high school students at Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital last month.

On July 17, Fairview Hospital hosted students from the Upward Bound program at Baldwin Wallace University to view first-hand the opportunities that exist.

Students learned that career choices in a hospital setting are diverse and plentiful.

Upward Bound is a college preparatory program for high school students from low-income households who have the potential to be first-generation college students.

During the 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. workshop, students experienced, hands-on, what it’s like to work in the medical field.

A career in healthcare may be in the future for students who experience the profession firsthand at Fairview Hospital in July.

Students rotated through Nursing, Radiology, Laboratory Medicine, Surgical Services and Respiratory Therapy departments at the hospital – all fields they can be thinking about as they graduate.

The visit to Fairview Hospital was a unique opportunity for the students – who may be the first in their families to go to college – to experience medicine up close. The day offered a unique example of a leading educational institution teaming up with an organization of excellence to prepare local youth for the future.

“There are 2,400 employees here at Fairview Hospital. We have a residency program, a teaching program and nursing students,” reports Dr. Neil Smith, President of Fairview Hospital. “We would love all these students to follow a career path to direct care, but there are many other areas of opportunity for a hospital career.”

He likened the hospital setting to a community with many areas of career need. “This is a way to encourage students who may not have thought of healthcare as a career path to consider it,” said Dr. Smith, who also teaches problem-solving and health care in a community setting. “There are many opportunities to think about health care in terms of your personal strengths and focus on them as a career choice.”

The visit highlighted the types of careers the students could work in upon high school graduation, and continue to work in as they complete their college degree. One example would be working as a nursing assistant as they complete their education to become a nurse.

“This is a way to encourage students who may not have thought of healthcare as a career path to consider it.” – Dr. Neil Smith, President, Fairview Hospital

Areas of interest included:

Radiology Services: Session highlighted the various specialties and showed examples of different types of scans such as X-ray, CT scans and MRI scans.

Laboratory Services: Team reviewed vital diagnostic and consultative services that are crucial to outstanding patient care. Students had the opportunity to review various point-of-care testing and look at blood samples under a microscope.

Nursing: The group discussed a number of positions available in nursing, and caregivers shared their path to their current roles, highlighting the hospital’s continuing education programs.

Respiratory Services: Students viewed a video showing what a career in respiratory services could be.

Surgical Services: Students got a behind-the-scenes look at surgical services in the sterile processing area, and enjoyed donning the specialized clothing.

Students also learned of the job satisfaction that comes with a career at Fairview Hospital. “I love helping people and seeing people get better,” says Betsy Robertson of Respiratory Services.

Celebrating a day of experiencing healthcare careers up close.

“I have been working here longer than many of you have been alive – 34 years!” she smiles. “And I love the Cleveland Clinic. They take great care of their employees.”

Zach Scott from the hospital’s Wellness Program also gave a wellness presentation to help students with their own personal wellness.

“Fairview Hospital is rated as one of the top hospitals in the world,” adds. Dr. Smith. “As a personal choice, a career in healthcare can be a passion!”

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