Bay Girl Earns Ohio Skating Awards

Amira Moualem (9yrs old) of Bay Village Ohio has successfully won both the Compulsory and Freeskate for Ohio Basic Skills Series.

Each program consists of various elements, jumps, spins, spirals, and footwork. The USFS competitive structure require a specific number of specific elements based on the competitive level.

Amira started skating at the age of 4 at Winterhurst in Lakewood Ohio. She was in the learn to skate program and from there started working with coaches and starting the competitive track. She was also involved in theater on ice under the direction of Kelly Lynch and Synchronized skating ran by Alissa Mariage.

She is currently working with coaches Christine and Glyn Watts.

Amira’s ultimate goal is to be in the olympics one day. She’s a very dedicated and passionate skater and loves what she does!

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