Maria’s Field of Hope Now in Bloom

Maria’s Field of Hope at Jaycox and Chester Roads in Avon has bloomed and is in full sunflower glory today!

The Prayers from Maria Children’s Glioma Cancer Foundation reported on Sept. 5 that blooms were beginning to appear. Today, they are in full bloom!

“A portion of Maria’s Field of Hope in Avon has started to bloom,” said the Foundation on Sept. 5. “The field has experienced soil nutrient challenges this year. Some of the flowers are blooming shorter than expected, but still beautiful.

“We’ve been blessed to have the Avon land donated to us by the Jacobs group. Our goal is to raise enough money to have a permanent home, where we can properly nurture the land as we wish.

“There are five different sunflower varieties planted in the Avon field this year so we can experiment with the size and length of bloom. We are still unsure when the other flower varieties will bloom as God and Mother Nature hold the calendar.

“More updates as the flowers continue to grow. Please be sure to also visit Maria’s Field of Hope at Cedar Point as it is in full bloom right now.”

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