Prayers From Maria Sunflower Field Featured on NBC Today Show

Ed and Megan McNamara of The Prayers from Maria Children’s Cancer Foundation were recently featured on the NBC Today Show.

“We are very excited to share NBC Today Show with Willie Geist’s interview with Ed and Megan McNamara at Maria’s Field of Hope,” says the Foundation in a release today.

Ed and Megan McNamara at the Prayers from Maria Field of Hope in Avon – see you there!

You can view the feature here:

Maria’s Field of Hope in Avon is currently blooming with the last sunflower variety while other sections of the field are heading to harvest. Maria’s Shop is open from 10-8 each day through the end of the Sunflower season. The field is located at the corner of Chester Rd. and Jaycox Rd. It is visible north of Interstate 90, between the Lear-Nagle and SR 83 exits.



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