‘Street Card’ Publication Helps the Homeless Find Resources

The NEOCH street card

The 30th edition of the Street Card, published by the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, are being distributed in Cuyahoga County. It is a vital resource to inform people experiencing homelessness about the services in our community. This year, we give our appreciation to MetroHealth for being our presenting sponsor and securing the printing of the Cuyahoga Street Card.

It is easy to read, up to date, and can be easily carried around. We have printed 10,000 copies and have begun distribution to individuals, shelters, hospitals, schools, police stations, and libraries. It contains information that would assist a homeless person find access to services in Cuyahoga County. Over 100 organizations pass them out to their clients, and anyone looking for resources in our community. Our Street Card serves as a stepping stone to get people access to services.

A local shelter told us that “homeless men appreciate the Street Card. They use it and pass it around to others in the community. We have heard first hand that this is an effective means of communicating and directing individuals in need to resources that will help them.”

As our knowledge of available resources is growing, we are striving to keep the Street Card as accessible and organized as possible. Because of this, we have changed the format from a large sheet of paper into a more organized booklet of services. This will make it easier to read and provide more information to the reader.

If you would like a few copies, you may pick them up at the Coalition offices, but we do not have the funds to send out large numbers of copies. NEOCH updates all the versions of the Street Card in the summer for publication in the fall. We have a specific number available and are currently being distributed.

A special thanks to our sponsors for making this resource available to our community free of charge. Our sponsors are: MetroHealth, St. Edward Highschool, St. Colman Church, St Paul’s Community Church, Church of the Redeemer UMC, Downtown Cleveland Alliance, Larry Heller, Holy Spirit Church, and the Northern Ohio Recovery Association.

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