Avon vs Avon Lake II – Full Preview Of The Epic Rematch

Avon-Avon Lake II promises to be a heavyweight battle for the ages this Friday evening.

The Southwestern Conference champion Avon Eagles and runner-up Avon Lake Shoremen will meet in the OHSAA Div. II Region 6 regional championship game at North Ridgeville Friday at 7 p.m. At stake is a trip to the state Final Four and bragging rights for all time in one of the biggest regional championship games ever!

Avon has posted a 12-0 record this season. Avon Lake is 11-1. They met on the opening night of the season and Avon came away with a 13-12 win. That’s right – a single point is all that separates these two teams! And, according to the OHSAA, “The Region 6 final between Avon and Avon Lake is the closest geographic proximity for any two schools playing in the regional finals in any division (4.5 miles apart).”

So, let’s get ready for a great game!

The Villager has turned to scholastic sports expert Vince McKee (keeonsports.com) for his insights.

“This is far from their first playoff clash; in fact, it was recently (2016) that they had one in the postseason. In 2016, after an unbeaten season, it was Avon getting upset by their crosstown rivals in the opening week of the playoffs,” recalls McKee.

“For Avon, this may be the greatest coaching job in the rich history of Mike Elder’s career. Avon has become a football factory and the absolute best year in and year out in the SWC. Elder preaches the next man up mentality and no season has proven that quite like this one,” he adds.

But Avon Lake has continually improved this season, building to this moment. “Avon Lake had several key injuries on both sides of the line.  One of those would cause a change that would greatly change the rest of the season for the Shoremen. The injury to the defense forced (Harry)  Hebert to give up his spot at QB and step in on the defense at linebacker.

“That one move and excellent play from Nick Marsh, Kadyn Viancourt, Jacob Sintic and several others would lead to one of the greatest defenses in SWC history.

“The secondary of the Shoremen led by Billy Simpson, Kai Kuwulu, Nathan Cikslo and others has also been extremely impressive. In 12 games, Avon Lake has six shutouts. They allowed points the first two weeks of the season, and only 4 times in the next 10 weeks.”

Read all about it all here: keeonsports.com/avon-vs-avon-lake-ii-full-preview-of-the-epic-rematch/

And let’s get ready to rumble!

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