Kemper Cognitive Wellness Helps People Optimize Their Minds

At Kemper Cognitive Wellness, we are helping people optimize their minds with personalized medicine. The long term impact is reduction of chronic disease, improved mood and cognitive function, reduction of medical costs, and enhanced overall health.

Due to major advancements in the field of brain health, we are learning more every day about how to optimize and maximize brain function at every age. Research is confirming that nutrition, movement, stress management and sleep quality all have a major impact on brain health. Individuals at every age can benefit from optimization. Whether you are struggling with stress or brain fog, memory concerns, or an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Kemper Cognitive Wellness can help.

Kemper Cognitive Wellness is a functional medicine practice led by Dr. Nate Bergman, DO. The practice specializes in brain health, memory and cognition. Contact us to learn more. 216-337-1400 and at

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