Remembering Amy

Mark Kevesdy, Bay Middle School teacher, organized the Amy Mihaljevic memorial.

Amy Mihaljevic disappeared on Oct. 27, 1989 from the Bay Village Square shopping Center.

The 31st anniversary of the tragedy was marked last week in front of Bay Village City Hall as members of the community gathered in cold rain from 4:30-5:30 p.m. to remember Amy Mihaljevic.

“I felt it was time to do something to keep Amy’s memory alive so I started stapling flyers around town a few weeks ago,” said organizer Mark Kevesdy, a Bay Middle School teacher. “I had no idea what the response would be but it really became emotional for me when I saw tens and tens of Bay residents showing up in the cold rain.

“October 27th is Amy’s day and no matter the conditions people showed up to not only remember her but to honor her. I plan on holding the event each year on October 27th.

“I plan on adding to the event with a 5K Amy Mihaljevic race in Bay Village starting hopefully in 2021 ( COVID). I hope next year even more people show up. I would like 105 people next year to represent the 105 days she went missing.

Bay Councilperson Lydia DeGeorge

“Thirty-one years ago this day she left Bay Village never to return,” wrote Bay Village councilperson Lydia DeGeorge on social media. “With everything going on in our nation, it would be easy to forget this day. All thanks to Middle School teacher Mark Kevesdy for making sure that Bay Village will never forget our Amy.

“We haven’t forgotten either that her abductor and killer needs to be brought to justice. Do not put her friends and family though another day of mourning and wondering. If you know something, say something, a community begs you. Bay Village Police Dept. 440-871-1234.”

“Amy, had to face her monster alone and died in the process. The coward is still out there somewhere and he needs to know that Amy is the real hero and we will never stop looking for him.”

Of note, Amy’s father, Mark Mihaljevic was among those who attended the show of support. He was genuinely moved by the expression of remembrance and spoke of his gratitude to the community for the years of support he has received on behalf of his family.

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