Keeping Us Safe: Westshore Enforcement Bureau (WEB) Commemorates 50 Years

The Westshore Enforcement Bureau is a network of west shore law enforcement agencies that allows for safety forces in our communities to collaborate.

“WEB would like to respectfully extend its gratitude to the residents of Bay Village, Fairview Park, Lakewood, North Olmsted, Rocky River and Westlake for their continued trust and support of this beautifully orchestrated multi city-wide partnership. This unique collaboration has laid a fifty year foundation for a multi-jurisdictional operation since its inception in September 1970. The partnership arose to address shared interest in law enforcement and community planning needs across the six western suburbs.

“One of the first of its kind, the Westshore Council of Governments and the Westshore Enforcement Bureau collaborative boards continue to meet monthly while communicating regularly about multi-government activities. Seated at the table are the mayors, police chiefs and representatives from each of the dedicated WEB units.

“The Westshore Enforcement Bureau consists of specialty trained units serving a multi-pronged approach: Narcotics, Hazardous Device, Crisis Negotiation, Crowd Control, Hazmat, Vice, SWAT and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).

“Take a quick look back at just a few of many highlights from the past several years of the Narcotics Unit operations and programming.

– From 2004 thru 2019 – 3,172 cases involving drug trafficking/possession/pharmaceutical diversion criminal cases with 3,806 defendants charged

– In 2012 – Prescription medication 365/24/7 Drop boxes installed in each of the six Westshore police department lobbies with a total of 18,718 pounds collected and safely destroyed through 2019

– In 2014 – Lifesaving NARCAN (overdose reversal product) issued to each member of the six Westshore police departments with 350 credited saves through 2019

– In 2010 – The Westshore Young Leaders Network was established for middle and high school students. The WYLN is dedicated to implementing strategies aimed at prevention and reducing youth substance use while encouraging healthy lifestyle choices through hands on training, educational prevention events and leadership experiences.

– In 2018 – In cooperation with Metro Health launched the Quick Response Team (QRT) initiative which completes follow-up visits with overdose victims and their families providing resources for treatment, prevention and education.

“Additionally, WEB would like to extend sincere thanks to all the past and present-day law enforcement personnel and city officials who constitute WEB for their continued dedication to serving and ensuring the safety of all families in Cleveland’s western suburbs.”

About WEB

The Westshore Enforcement Bureau (WEB) serves a combined population of over 325,000 residents of the Northeast Ohio cities of:

  • Bay Village
  • Fairview Park
  • Lakewood
  • North Olmsted
  • Rocky River
  • Westlake

WEB has units established for:

  • Bomb
  • Crisis Negotiation
  • Crowd Control
  • Hazmat
  • Narcotics and Vice
  • SWAT

Each city details officers to be a part of these units, resulting in well-trained, multi-jurisdictional teams. The Bay Village Police Department has officers specifically trained to handle the responsibilities of these units.


The Westshore Enforcement Bureau Crisis Negotiation Team (WEB CNT) is comprised of fifteen police officers and detectives under the command of Bay Village Police Department Detective Sergeant Jay Elish.  Additionally, Lieutenant Mark Palmer, Detective Edward Chapman and Officer Kelly Uber are the Bay Village Department members on the team. Today’s unit is a highly trained, experienced, and cohesive unit prepared to respond to any crisis.


The members of the CNT are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Over the last decades, the WEB CNT has responded to numerous situations in all six communities. These situations include lone barricaded subjects, suicidal individuals, and active shooters with hostages. The WEB CNT operates mainly out of a command post vehicle, which is provided through the combined efforts of the WEB communities. The combined CNT has decades of negotiator experience.

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