Avon Virtual Teacher Creates Parent-Led Clubs for Students

After-school STEM Club parent-run virtual sessions with fourth-graders from teacher Kendal Tuck’s virtual class at Avon Heritage Elementary School. They were focused on creating simple machines.

At the start of the school year, Avon Heritage Elementary School fourth-grade virtual teacher Kendal Tuck was worried about the students socially in a virtual setting. She reached out to the families of her class and they helped bring her visions to life. Tuck had an idea to bring parent-led after school club activities to her class, along with her partner teacher’s homeroom (Lisa Wild).

A few months ago the class had its first parent-led after school Craft Club. About seven students met to do crafts and chat via Zoom. Those that joined were anxious to show their classmates what they created. Prior to Winter Break, a few parents hosted a parent/child Book Club. They read the second book in the series of a book started in class (“Lemonade War”). They broke chapters up over a total of four weeks. During their meeting, they discussed the chapters and did mini activities together.

There was also a STEM Club that was run by a parent that met on two different times during December. The group constructed a toilet paper roll catapult and a toilet paper roll balloon car.

In addition, they’ve been meeting consistently every week for Art/Craft Club. Recently the club has morphed into a social hang-out/game session. The club created sugar cookies (with parent support), made string art, or socialized and worked on their own in-process art projects.

The clubs are only open to Tuck’s fourth-grade homeroom students.

“We wanted to strengthen those relationships first and limit the groups from getting too large,” she said.

There is currently a STEM Club, Art Club (A.K.A. Craft Club), and Game Club taking place. The Book Club is occurring in Mrs. Lisa Wild’s homeroom (partner teacher).

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