Treadway Ponds: Meet Your Neighbors

Treadway Ponds is Sheffield Lake’s exciting new development of attached cluster homes starting at $184,900. With 1, 2 and 3 bedroom layouts, Treadway Ponds is the West Shore’s most exciting option in new construction. For first time homeowners to downsizers, Century 21 DeAnna is proud to bring this opportunity to you. Please phone 440-570-4252.

29 homes are going up – all brand new and reasonably priced. Sales are brisk, and the new neighbors will start moving in by the end of the year. All are excited about their new homes. Here’s a look at what the have to say about Treadway Ponds:

What attracted you to Treadway Ponds?

“Most likely, pricing: What you get for base price compared to national builders. I was looking at new builds with national builders and they were about $300 a sq. foot. I prefer to deal with local builders. They can give you better pricing. They’re about $185 a square foot. I don’t understand it. They use the same 2 x 4s and windows. And you do get a lot for your base price compared to some of your national builders.” – Doug Motto, retiree, 30 year Ford employee.

“I was looking for a place that I didn’t have to do any major repairs to and that I didn’t have to spend all my time on my house and my yard.” – Maryterese Hendrickson, English Second Language tutor in the Elyria School District.

“I’m not one who wants to do maintenance. Snow removal and yard work are things I do not want to do. So this is everything I wanted.” – Marilyn Fisher, Avon resident who has been looking to downsize for over a year.

“My rent was increasing pretty drastically. It was definitely time to buy. I am from Sandusky so Treadway Ponds is close to home and my family. Then there is the price. I was 30 months into looking at houses. I was pretty exhausted and I had pretty much given up. Then I saw these posted and it was game over.” – Tanner Salyers, a young sales executive in the healthcare profession, Tanner decided it was time to escape the excessive rent increases of an upscale west shore lifestyle community.

“We have been fortunate enough to have the ability and save some money. Our long term plan has been to create some sort of generational wealth and an investment like this is just a safe bet. I also like the way this is a developed family area with parks, walking paths and the lake nearby,” Kyle & Becky Speicher, a young professional couple who live in Avon with their two preschool age children. They have diligently saved their money to put toward an investment property with the hopes it will someday help to put their children through college.

What do you like about the design?

“I like that you have some say-so into what is going to be built inside. You can choose and pick out certain upgrades. The attached garage was really important to me. And then then there is location, location, location.” – Tanner Salyers.

“I like the private entry and the way it opens up to the kitchen, dining room and bedrooms. The whole flow of it. The location of the utilities, the bathroom and the pantry. I lik the big pantry with the laundry area to the side.” – Marilyn Fisher.

“I like that it’s a one floor plan, one floor design. I like that it has only carpeting in the bedroom because I own a german shepard…. I’ve bever been able to pick out cabinets or rugs before. So this is fun, And, everything is NEW! Everything I have now is 62 years old – the house itself. I put a roof on 3 houses and now I don’t have to do that. I’ve owned three homes and all three homes we put roofs on. I like the idea that it’s small, so it’s much cheaper to heat. It’s all new materials that insulate much better. Those are the things I was looking at. And, I don’t have to save money to put in a new kitchen!” – Marytherese Henderson.

“It checked most of my boxes on my wishlist – garage, covered patio, those types of things.” – Doug Motto.

What do you say to others who are shopping for a home?

“I would say if people are in the market looking for a new build, Treadway Ponds is something to check out. It is Lorain County taxes, too. It may be a little far out from the city, but not everyone needs to be near the wine bars and singles places. It is a slower pace for starting a family.” – Tanner Salyers.

“I say go for it! Look at it! A lot of my friends are saying, ‘Are you ready to do this?’ And I say, ‘I’ve been taking care of a home and a yard for 18 years by myself, Yes, I’m ready!’” – Maryterese Henderson.

“I would say that if you are looking for something maintenance free, I recommend it!” – Marilyn Fisher.

“If you are serious, check into Treadway Ponds if you want new build at a reasonable price and a lot of included features like flooring and cabinets. With another builder they would be an upgrade. You do get a lot of bang for your buck.” – Doug Motto.

“We have looked at many other properties at this price. They are all older homes that need $30-50,000 in improvements. You just don’t see this in a new build. The price point, the amenities and maintenance, and the area all make this a valuable long-term investment.” – Kyle & Becky Speicher

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