WEST SHORE BLUES: The Best of the Beats

Westlake Police Recover $200,000 Mercedes

On 10/28/22 at approx. 8PM a vehicle was stopped in the area of Crocker and Detroit Rds for equipment violations. The vehicle was being operated while displaying Ohio dealer plates. The driver, a 34yo Westlake male, had no registration paperwork for the 2015 Mercedes and it appeared that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) had been tampered with. Suspected narcotics were located in the vehicle during the investigation as well. The sedan, valued at $237,000 when new, was found to have fictitious VIN plates. When the correct VIN was located, investigators learned that the car had been reported as stolen in Atlanta, GA in 2019. The driver was charged with felony Receiving Stolen Property and Altering a VIN plate. Additional charges for the drugs will be added once the crime lab confirms the suspicions.

Meltdown at Double Tree

On 10/28/22 at about 10PM officers responded to the Double Tree Hotel on Crocker for a disturbance in a room. The staff reported that a female was intoxicated and was yelling and throwing things around while her 2 children were with her. Investigation revealed that the mom was taking care of her 12 and 4 year olds and got into an argument with visitors of the hotel. She also appeared to be quite intoxicated. The kids were crying and beer cans were seen thrown around the hotel room. The 41yo Broadview Hts mom was placed into custody for being disorderly while intoxicated. The officers spoke to the father of the children who was out of town but agreed to turn them over to a friend of the family who arrived at the hotel. The female was transported to the Westlake Jail where she was charged with endangering children and DCI. She was later released to a sober friend.

Purse Dipped at Trader Joes

On 10/29/22 at approx. 1PM officers responded to Trader Joes for a reported theft. A customer reported that she had been shopping at the store a short time prior and when she went to check out she noticed that her wallet was missing from her purse. The purse had been in the shopping cart and had been left unattended very briefly while the victim and her adult daughter shopped. Investigation revealed that the complainant’s credit card had already been used at the Crocker Park Apple store for the purchase of several thousands of dollars in gift cards. As of 11/11 officers are still waiting for Trader Joes and The Apple Store to produce surveillance video of the criminals. The investigation will continue once this evidence is obtained.

Too Drunk to Drive

On 10/29/22 at approx. 7:15PM a concerned citizen in the parking lot of Market District at Crocker Park called to report that an apparently intoxicated male had gotten into his Honda Civic in the lot. The complainant was concerned because the subject had actually been so unsteady that he fell on the ground two times before entering his car to drive away. Another shopper also approached the intoxicated man in his car after he started the engine in an attempt to prevent him from driving. Officers arrived and found the 70yo Westlake resident inside his car. Reports noted that he was slurring his speech and had the odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath. The man was placed into custody for Disorderly Conduct while Intoxicated (DCI). He was cited with the minor misdemeanor and transported to the Westlake Jail to await a sober person to take responsibility for him.

Car Flips on I-90

On 10/30/22 at approx. 4:30AM WPD received several 911 calls about a crash on Interstate 90 at Cahoon Rd. Witnesses said that one car had flipped over and an apparently intoxicated driver had crawled out the rear window of the upside down Hyundai. Investigation and witnesses revealed that the driver of the Hyundai had been speeding and swerving before he struck another vehicle from behind. The collision caused the innocent vehicle to spin out of control while the at fault Hyundai flipped over and slid across the highway on its hood. Luckily the struck vehicle’s driver had no apparent injuries at the time. The Hyundai’s driver, a 23yo Lorain resident was transported to UH St. John Medical Center with non-lift threatening injuries. The investigating officers agreed with the independent witnesses that the at-fault driver was impaired. The driver refused a chemical test and was cited with OVI, marked lanes and seatbelt violations. Lanes of the highway were shut down for about an hour when the scene was cleaned up.

Bedrooms Ransacked

On 10/31/22 at about 7:40PM officers responded to the report of a residential burglary in the 1900 block of Columbia Rd. The residents had arrived home that evening to find that 2 bedrooms of the house had been ransacked. No one was in the home upon their arrival and officers cleared the house to make sure. The only item reported missing was a small safe which had not contained anything. Evidence was collected by officers and detectives. Follow-up with neighbors is being conducted in an attempt to locate witnesses or surveillance.

Whoops, Wrong Watering Hole!

On Saturday 11/5/22 at approx. 6:45AM WPD received a call from the Cleveland Public Utilities Police Department who were reporting that a highly intoxicated driver was at their security check point gate at the Crown Filtration Plant on Clague Rd. The female driver told the officer there that she thought she was in Parma. While waiting for on-duty officers to respond, the female decided she was going to move on and drove through the gate and into the Filtration Plant grounds. The CPD officers stopped the vehicle and retrieved the keys from the driver after it turned around and returned to the security gate. Westlake Officers interviewed the driver who apologized and admitted that she was “drunk.” The interior of the vehicle contained an open container of Fireball Whiskey. The 44yo Columbia Station resident was field tested and arrested for OVI. The vehicle was towed from the scene. There was no damage to the property at the Public Utility. At the WPD jail the arrested driver submitted to a breath test and was found to be 2x the legal limit. She was cited with OVI, Prohibited Breath Alcohol content and possession of an open container.

No ID but Plenty of Trouble

On 11/12/22 at approx. 3:15AM officers stopped a vehicle on Crocker at Center Ridge Rd for an equipment violation. The driver did not have an identification card with him and was found to have a suspended license as well as active warrants through North Ridgeville and Parma PDs. Suspected marijuana was also located during the investigation. The 31yo Cleveland resident was cited with not having a driver’s license and minor misdemeanor possession of marijuana. The driver was then turned over to a North Ridgeville officer.

What Was That Boom?

On 11/12/22 at about 6:30PM a worker in a building at Crocker and Detroit heard a loud crash on the street and saw a white truck sparking as it fled the scene. Officers arrived to find out it did not make it far. A wheel was missing from the Nissan pickup when it was found parked in the lot of the Double Tree Hotel. The operator had struck a fire hydrant and light pole after it went off the roadway. The operator was soon located inside the hotel. He reported that an animal ran out in front of him. He also admitted to having a few drinks at Crocker Park and was field tested. He was arrested for OVI while his rental vehicle was being towed away. The 37yo St. Paul, Minnesota resident was booked into the Westlake Jail where he took a breath test. He was found to be double the legal limit. The driver was charged with OVI as well as hit skip and having prohibited breath alcohol content. He was later released with a court date in Rocky River Municipal Court.

‘Tis the Season’ for Shoplifters

On 11/14/22 at approx. 3PM WPD received a call from Rally House at Crocker Park reporting a shoplifting incident. A male had walked out of the store with almost $1000 worth of Cavs and Browns merchandise. While the man was not in the area when officers arrived, an observant store worker spotted him as he walked into the Wendys at Crocker and Detroit Rds. Officers spoke with him there and recovered the stolen merchandise. The 61yo Cleveland resident was arrested and charged with misdemeanor theft. He also had warrants from Aurora, Beachwood and Westlake from prior thefts from stores.

Scammed for Thousands

On 11/15/22 at about 8:15PM a citizen came to WPD to report a fraud. The Westlake resident had received an unexpected phone call from a man who indicated he worked for the Amazon Fraud Department. The person told our victim that she had numerous compromised Amazon accounts. This included her associated bank accounts. The scammer indicated that the victim’s accounts had been used to purchase Apple products in New York. After being transferred several times to different people, the fraudsters talked the victim into buying thousands of dollars in Target gift cards to pay for the remedy of all the identity fraud. The citizen had read the gift card numbers to the fake person who said they were from the “Alternate Dispute Resolution” center. Later, the victim felt suspicious of the transactions and contacted the real Amazon Customer Service to learn that it was all a scam.

Unlocked Vehicles Entered

On 11/16/22 WPD received several calls in the morning hours about unlocked vehicles which had been entered the previous night. Items stolen included purses, cash, credit cards and identification cards. The streets impacted were Cornerstone and Fitzroy. In an attempt to develop suspects, Westlake Detectives are in contact with neighboring cities who had vehicles stolen during the same night.

More Shoplifting

On 11/17/22 at about 12:00PM WPD received a call from Nordstrom Rack about a shoplifting. Loss prevention for the store had stopped a female as she walked out with a new coat without paying. Officers arrived and also noted that the 61yo Westlake resident appeared intoxicated. She admitted to taking “a few pills.” The clothing was returned to the store and the shoplifter was booked into the Westlake Jail where she was cited with misdemeanor theft and disorderly conduct while intoxicated.

And More Shoplifting!

On 11/17/22 officers responded to a report of a shoplifting in progress at Dicks Sporting Goods. The employees followed 2 females out of the store after they took security sensors off numerous clothing items, hid them in bookbags and walked out without paying. The 2 shoplifters were found to be juveniles from Lakewood. The clothing was returned to the store and the girls were transported to the Westlake station to await their parents. Stolen items from Claire’s was also found in their possession. Charges will be filed in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.

Gun Shots Reported

On 11/06/2022, at 2222 hrs, a resident in the 600 block of Canterbury reported hearing several gun shots. Officers responded to the area but were unable to locate the source. Nothing out of the ordinary was located.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

On 11/07/2022, at 0745 hrs, a resident in the 28000 block of Osborn reported construction had started prior to 0800 hrs. An officer was dispatched and the contractor was advised of the hours of operation for the noise ordinance.

Online Fraud

On 11/07/2022, at 0956 hrs, a resident in the 300 block of Oakmoor reported she had been the victim of online fraud. She was selling an item on Facebook Marketplace for $800. While waiting for the buyers Zelle transaction to come through, she received an email from what appeared to be Zelle, advising that her Zelle account was a personal account, not a Business account. In order to upgrade, she had to temporarily submit $200 before the $800 could be received. She paid for the upgrade, and received notification from her bank that the transaction was made. She then received another email requesting another $300 to complete the upgrade. At this time, she realized she was being scammed. BVPD reminds residents to be very cautious of while conducting business using cash apps.

Credit Card Fraud

On 11/07/2022, at 1042 hrs, an Elmwood resident reported that someone had fraudulently opened three credit cards using her personal information and charged over $20,000 to the cards. Police are investigating.

Loud & Disorderly

On 11/10/2022, at 2024 hrs, several callers in the 23000 block of Russell reported a neighbor was in his backyard throwing things and yelling loudly. Officers quickly located the male and after speaking with him learned he was upset after an argument with his girlfriend. He was advised of the complaint and told to keep the noise down. A half hour later officers were called back to the house for the same type of behavior. The male was cited for Disorderly Conduct-Intox, and ultimately transported to the hospital for injuries sustained during his outburst. The 46 yoa male will face charges at RRMC.

Close those Doors

On 11/11/2022, at 1112 hrs, a resident reported a neighbor’s front door had been standing wide open for an extended period of time. Responding officers checked the interior of the vacant house. Nothing unusual was located and the door was secured. BVPD reminds residents to call immediately if you see something suspicious.

Too Much Fun!

On 11/11/2022, at 2117 hrs, BVPD received a complaint of a disturbance in the Bay Presbyterian parking lot. Responding officers located a group of teenagers who admitted to dancing and making recordings for social media. They were advised of the complaint and sent on their way.

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