No Need to Worry About Bay Village Electric Hikes

First Energy Price Increase Information

You may have received information from FirstEnergy encouraging its customers to comparison shop for electric suppliers due to price increases coming on June 1. If you are enrolled in the city’s electric aggregation program with Energy Harbor, the FirstEnergy notice does not apply to you; more information on why is below.

Many Bay Village residents have Energy Harbor as their supplier. That’s because Bay Village has an aggregation agreement with Energy Harbor to supply electricity at 5.04c/kWh through November, 2023. By comparison, the rate for customers buying directly from FirstEnergy is expected to be 12.4c/kWh as of June 1.

If you aren’t sure who your supplier is, here’s how to find out, and if the increase will affect you and what you can do about it. It will be helpful to have a copy of a recent electric bill on hand. (Click here for a link to view a sample electric bill). Electric bills are divided into two parts: a charge from FirstEnergy/The Illuminating Company for delivering electricity, and a separate charge for the electric supply used by the customer. For the second part, customers can purchase electricity directly from FirstEnergy or choose a different supplier called a third-party supplier. The June 1 price increase applies to customers who buy directly from FirstEnergy.

To see if you buy directly from FirstEnergy or from a third-party supplier, check your electric bill. In the right-hand column, your bill includes a distribution charge from FirstEnergy/The Illuminating Company, and below that a separate charge for your KWH used. If you receive electricity directly from FirstEnergy, your bill will say “Bypassable Generation and Transmission Related Component” or “The Illuminating Company – Consumption,” and your Rate code will include “GSF” or “RSF.” If you receive electricity from a third-party supplier, the supplier company name will be listed for the KWH charges used. The sample bills show examples of supply directly from FirstEnergy and through Energy Harbor.

If you’re not with Energy Harbor, you can join by calling Energy Harbor at 866-636-3749. If you would like to look at other supplier options, you can click her to use PUCO’s apples to apples online tool.

If you have questions, you can click here to email Kathryn Kerber with the City of Bay Village or call her at 440-899-3412.

More information on the Bay Village Gas & Electric Aggregation Programs can be found using this link.

(Ed. Note: This information comes from Mayor Koomar’s newsletter).

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