University Hospitals St. John Medical Center Honors Volunteers

Anthony Iezzi, PhD, 19,000 hours, with his daughter Mary Feinkle

“We can’t thank you enough,” enthused University Hospitals St. John Medical Center President & CEO Robert G. David as he welcomed the hospital’s 200 volunteers to their annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon at Avon Oaks Country Club the afternoon of Wed., April 18.

“The work you do is incredible,” added David as he read from the program that listed volunteers who have literally lodged tens of thousands of hours at the hospital, from transporting patients, answering phones to assisting families whose loved ones are in for care.

Penny Evans, Volunteer Manager, Ann Kullik, 4,000 hours, and Robert David, President, UH SJMC

Special recognition went to Anthony Iezzi, PhD, who has logged 19,000-plus hours at the hospital, mostly helping in the radiology area assisting patients when they sign in. Professional, courteous and respectful of all, Dr. Iezzi is emblematic of the face the UH SJMC volunteers put on the organization daily as their work helps doctors and nurses to better focus on their mission of healing. “19,000 hours,” exclaimed David as he welcomed Dr. Iezzi and his daughter, Mary Feinkle of Hinckley, who came as a surprise guest. “That is the equivalent of ten working years,” said David of Dr. Iezzi’s contribution of time and talent.

Special recognition went also to Joyce Holod, Karen Konko, Ann Kullik and James Stanton, who each received the President’s Call to Service Award presented to those who have donated over 4,000 hours of volunteer service in a lifetime.

Congratulations to these Community Champions!

  • 19,000 Hours – Anthony Iezzi, PhD,
  • 12,000 Hours – Ardis Radak,
  • 11,000 Hours – Jackie Borzecki,
  • 7,500 Hours – Clarence Coder,
  • 7,000 Hours – Marti Choban,
  • 6,500 Hours – Carol Riordan and Marlene Witouski,
  • 5,500 Hours – Teddi Gideon and Lois Wildauer,
  • 4,500 Hours – Earline Andrey, Caroline Grahovac, Kathy Hall and Rosemarie Slaght,
  • 4,000 Hours – Joyce Holod, Karen Konko, Ann Kullik and James Stanton,
  • 3,500 Hours – Marian Bailey, Barbara Fuerhoff, Sigrid Senko, Viola Stoiker, Gail Schenck and James Stanton,
  • 3,000 Hours – Patricia Rust, Monica Schilkowski and Mary Thomson.
  • In Memoriam: Ernie Miklavic

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