Lake Erie Monsters Fall to St. Mary of the Woods

A hockey game broke out before the Root Beer floats were served Tuesday afternoon at St. Mary of the Woods in Avon.

Players from the Lake Erie Monsters invaded the luxury senior living facility for their annual “noodle” hockey game against resident players for the St. Mary of the Woods Beagles.

St. Mary of the Woods won for the fourth straight year, lodging an 8-5 decision in the contest played with a beach ball and foam pool noodle sticks.

“The Monsters sent one of their better teams this year,” said St. Mary starter Craig Sutton. “In other years, they never gave us this much trouble.”

“Their team was very competitive. They didn’t give us an inch,” said Monsters player Mike Brennan. “But it was a fun time. It is great to get out into the community.”

Brennan played opposite St. Mary star Rosemarie “The Cheetah” Burkhardt.

“She was really tough. One time she fell out of her chair, but she bounced right back up,” said Brennan.

“They call me ‘The Cheetah’ because I cheat,” said Rosemarie after the contest. “I will do anything to win. I grab their sticks. I even hit the ball with my hand. I just want to win.”

Two of the Monsters, Brad Malone and Tyson Barrie, were whistled for penalties by home ice official Robin Hanna, leading to a pair of St. Mary short-handed goals.

St. Mary of the Woods players happily posed the winner’s trophy after the game. “Someday, it will be our turn to lift the cup,” remarked the crestfallen Barrie.

Root beer floats all around eased everyone’s pain after the contest.

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